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  1. Exactly, could you give me a hint what I might be doing wrong?
  2. I don't know or have a lot of experience on DSLRs and the D500 isn't mine so it might be just some simple fix that I don't realize? So the footage shot on 1080p is pretty much equivalent to my Samsung S3 phone. At 4K it is significantly better but when comparing it to other videos on Youtube I don't think that is right either. I have tried playing with the AF stuff and other different focus settings, tried it on manual etc. but no difference. I tried the AF fine tune calibration but also that didn't help. Samples: 1080p: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLdmqqQyctA 4k: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b08N7R56n2E
  3. I'm sorry, I don't understand. How do I know it is matched in steam? Edit: nvm. The steam games were installed on /media/username/diskname/steam. So I just set the mount point to /media/username/diskname and voila, works great.
  4. So I am at the disk manager and opened the mount options for the disk. It was already set to automatic, however the mount point is set to "/mnt/202E89EA2E89B8F4" and I assume that is not what it is supposed to be, right? What should I set it to? "/media/username"? Screenshot of it: http://i.imgur.com/x43PVt3
  5. Hi I have my OS, Steam and couple small games stored on my C drive and the rest are on my another hard drive, but the games stored on it are grayed out until I open the hard drive in Nautilus and restart Steam. It isn't a huge issue to just click the hard drive button and restart Steam, but I have had this problem as long as I can remember so I think it is time that I do something about it.
  6. Yes thanks, I also found that thread but enabling those backports and what not is way too difficult for me.
  7. I see only windows drivers. It says Linux Mint right there in the title, did you even read the title and my post or are you too busy grinding that sweet post count up like everyone else on this forum.
  8. Well I don't think it is the router since it wont find any other networks either. There are no drivers on HP's website.
  9. Hey, after a hassle I finally managed to install Linux Mint to my HP Pavilion dv7 laptop. Next problem was that it didn't connect to my router via WiFi, I got it working by making a hotspot with my phone and connecting to it. I found out that it has a Qualcomm Atheros AR542x wireless network adapter and some terminal commands that I could try, they only made it worse. Now it won't find any available networks. The terminal commands were: echo "options ath5k nohwcrypt=1" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/ath5k.conf sudo modprobe -rfv ath5k sudo modprobe -v ath5k What should I do?
  10. Jusberi

    Upgrading GPU

    http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=steamos-22-gpus&num=1 Are you sure? Yes that test doesn't feature 380 but shows you how shitty the other AMD cards run compared to Nvidia.
  11. Jusberi

    Upgrading GPU

    Suomi finland perkele. http://www.jimms.fi/fi/Product/Show/111496/turbo-gtx960-oc-2gd5/asus-gtx-960-turbo-oc-2gb-gddr5-pci-e-3_0-tarjousera Like I said I am probably upgrading it again when 4K becomes possible with reasonable price. So probably the a bit less powerful now is the way to go.
  12. Jusberi

    Upgrading GPU

    Hey guys, I am currently thinking of upgrading my GPU from 6950 to something better with a max budget of 250€. I am not putting whole lot of money in it because 4K stuff is just around the corner so I will most likely upgrade it again when 4K gaming becomes possible on a reasonable price. I am running Linux so I shouldn't consider AMD cards, right? I have been thinking of 950 Strix and 960's and don't know which one of them to get. There is currently Asus 960 Turbo on sale here where I live, only 189€ so it seems to be very cheap compared to the other 960's which are about 230-250€ but I am not sure if that is the one I should buy because it is not very popular card and the cooling doesn't look very good on it, which would limit the overclocking capabilities. Should I just buy the cheap 960 Turbo since I wont be using it for that long, or just buy something else?
  13. Jusberi

    PC Freezes after 30-45min of heavy use

    I don't really feel like to start to tinker voltages and trying to find optimal ones if that isn't the problem. Can I set it to stock (3.4GHz) clocks and leave the voltages to auto? Would that work for the time to just test if that is the problem?