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    AMD Ryzen 2600X
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    MSI B450 Tomahawk
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    16Gb DDR4 3000Mhz @2933Mhz Corsair Vengeance
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    Zotac GTX 1060 6GB
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    Fractal design Meshify C
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    250GB Samsung 970 EVO NVME SSD
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    EVGA 850W P2 Platinum fully modular
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    LG 29" Ultrawide
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    CM Masterliquid 240 lite
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    Aukey (RGB) blue switches (Outemu)
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    Logitech G502 Proteus spectrum
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    bluetooth headphones
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    Win 10 + Ubuntu VM
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    Lenovo ??? / Asus K53E - not used excessively, mostly for testing, or problem solving occasionally
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  1. AFAICR pcie 4.0 is only b550/x570 and as others have pointed out it's onlt really NEEDED if using a pcie 4.0 NVME drive like some of the newer ones coming out with new phison controllers and hitting around 7GB/s + read speed, and 5GB/s+ writes.
  2. How did you use it already? that looks like it's to un-brick your device.
  3. https://www.techoxygen.com/oppo-a3s-flash-file/
  4. Sorry I couldn't be of help here. I'm not familiar with that phone. Are you using the same PC where you had ADB installed to flash the phone in the first place? It might not work, but try what I said above, running the battery completely out, then connect it to the PC (don't charge it again after emptying, just connect to the PC). But it definitely won't hurt it. I think I had to do this several times before it worked IIRC. When you connect it to the PC, try to boot it into recovery. [edit] posted wrong link, brb
  5. Sorry, assumed you knew of it as it's probably the worlds biggest modding community re android phones etc. Where did you get the flashing guide from BTW?
  6. You might be better off posting on XDA. I remember when my brother's phone was soft-bricked (bootloop) it had similar problems. I had to run the battery out (non removable) and then was able to get into recovery IIRC... then used SP flashing tool IIRC to flash the relevant parts, and then flashed TWRP and a new rom back onto it. Sorry my memory isn't great and this was at least 5-6 years ago when dual core phones were still a thing... and it was a mediatek chipset, which I don't normally mod.
  7. Looks like you might have got lucky and it was just a ground pin, BTW your pic of the pins was confusing, LOL
  8. It was really nice of your friend to give you this. I would feel bad selling it TBH, as it was your friends money that bought it. I would at least ask him if it's OK. But regardless of that, as others have said you don't really gain much if any by selling it, unless you're gonna upgrade to a 3080 yourself or something?
  9. Well many tabs are not really that impactful on the CPU, it'd be RAM usage... but even then I've had literally 100s of tabs open in firefox/vivaldi and it's not that bad on RAM really, I cope with 16GB very well. Just tested and 102 tabs open in vivaldi comes to 3.2GB usage. Depends on the programs being used of course, but multi-tasking as such doesn't necessarily require more than 16 logical cores (ie 8 hyper-threaded cores) like the 5800X, but I'd personally pay the extra for the 5900X at the very least, and if you can afford it get the 5950X. Wait for a bit after release if you can, that might see the price come down a bit after the market is saturated (ie AMD can over-supply demand for it). I don't think it's the CPU where scalpers will bother TBH as the high end CPUs are much more of a risk for them, and also IMO most professionals or enthusiasts would buy from a legit store that they trust.
  10. Bummed that Jason Hook has left FFDP, on the other hand am pleased that Andy James is replacing him... it's nice to see a guy from my part of the world get recognised for their ability and join an excellent band :D


  11. What I'd like to know, is if and when this actually gets through, and poor old joe bloggs gets all his data stolen, and bank accounts wiped, credit score trashed and has hundreds of thousands of dollars/whatever taken out in his name etc - What are the governments going to do for him? and all the rest of the people similarly affected by the governments legislature? and this isn't even including his/her public image for want of a better word being trashed too because of his/her activities/beliefs being open to the world to see... maybe he can no longer get a job anywhere, have somewhere to live, and is then forced to live as a homeless person because of this shit. They can't guarantee that this information that they will then be able to collect about you, won't be stolen/leaked/mislaid and effectively have doxxed everyone.
  12. Exactly. I have been trying to make this point to someone just recently that is building a NAS. They have many HDDs worth of data, and insist that they want to use redundancy in their build. Which isn't bad per say, but they think that having redundancy is as good as having backups... I have been banging my head against a wall trying to explain why that is a bad idea! they say they haven't got the money for backups, so I say "well only backup the stuff you want to keep, and that you consider important. Anything else is basically an accident waiting to happen". He might get lucky, and not have a situation where he loses x amount of disks, but I wouldn't risk it personally.
  13. Don't forget to either tag people, like in my sig... or quote the person you want to see that you've posted a response. If not they might not see it. Glad you got it sorted
  14. ^This The more info you can give people, the better it is to try and help you get the right answer to the problem, and possibly faster too. If you ever run into a problem, take a screenshot if possible, or a photo if not. https://getsharex.com is a great screenshot app for when you get windows installed BTW. It auto uploads so you can share it easily too.