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  1. Spend $50 or so more and get a 5700XT, much better value imo.
  2. If mainstream Ryzen caps out at 16 cores this year, then Intel's competitive position in EVERYTHING, will have gotten worse for the third year in a row. I still remember how people would say it didn't matter if Ryzen was decent, because Intel would crush them next gen, but as we see now it just gets worse and worse for them, this is actually hilarious, it might start to actually hurt their bottom line this year. Especially as EPYC shipments have been doubling Q/Q, and Rome looks like it's going to crush into a trillion pieces.
  3. There's no way capped plans in the US can last, I can't believe they've lasted this long. As far as I'm aware, the UK at least, and possibly most of Europe as well, had uncapped internet since at least 2010.
  4. And then there's me, making reasonable points, being ignored by you. But then again why would you, you can't get a rise out of a reasonable person, can you?
  5. Oh definitely, anything other than that is so often being simply being self-righteous, so many people argue in such a way as to coax those who they're arguing with into falling into their predisposed stereotypes, simply so they can reassure their own beliefs and make themselves feel better about themselves.
  6. I always try and find common ground, it always exists. I have with one of the people I was talking to, the other seems to be here just to get a rise out of people though it seems.
  7. Stop being petty. Bring something worthwhile to this or leave it.
  8. Their take is satire but those types of things in parades are commonplace.
  9. God I forgot about things like that, I absolutely hate that side to the LGBT community, it grosses me out, and probably everyone apart from them tbh, it doesn't deserve to be presented as what mainstream gay guys are like.
  10. And around we go, forever locked in a circle. I despise religion not religious people. Religious freedom should be enshrined in national law but not to the extent it infringes on others rights. Eg gay marriage should be legal but churches shouldn't be forced to provide services, and for example people should be able to hold the right to withhold service to gay people if that's their belief (within reason) I may think their beliefs are misguided or bigoted, but forcing someone to do something against their beliefs opens a whole Pandora's box of issues. As much of a socialist that I am, issues like this don't need layers of laws and state intervention, a few simple laws to ensure certain freedoms are withheld are all that's needed, the rest can be left to the individual.
  11. Of course, I'm not proud of being gay any less than I'm ashamed of it, it just is. I do agree that aspect of pride is unnecessary, the only reason I'd take part in a parade is to stick it to hard-line Christians or even worse, Muslims (not all Muslims are regressive cunts but I'd be lying if I said I didn't hate Islam more than I hated Christianity).
  12. Not now of course, did you even read my post and the context it's in?
  13. Because people want to celebrate it, I personally don't really see the fuss and don't partake in pride parades because I don't care enough to really go, but I see their place and the reasons for their existence, as well as the reasons that straight pride is silly. The difference it makes, is if someone goes around screening ‘Kill the straights’ they're being a twat but we can move on with our lives and they don't really have any power. But when the entire apparatus of state is against you, it can really fuck up your life, an individual oppressing you is minute to an entire state doing it.
  14. People like that are cunts, I never implied straight people never faced discrimination because I had exactly what you've just shown in mind as examples of it, I was talking about institutionalised discrimination before it was derailed. @Nowak Please don't defend those people, there are ways to express a preference without being a discriminatory twat, @poochyena made a valid point.