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    AMD ThreadRipper 1950X
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    GIGABYTE X399 AORUS Gaming 7
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    Corsair Vengeance RGB 32GB
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    GTX 1080Ti Founder's Edition
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    Corsair Crystal Series 460X RGB
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    500GB 850 Evo, 3TB NAS HDD
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    Corsair RMx Series, RM850x
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    3x 1080p Garbage
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    Corsair H100i v2
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    Razer BlackWidow Chroma "Clicky"
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    Razer Super Mega Black Mamba of Death 9000DPI
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    Logitech Something with a broken bass adjustment knob so it's always rupturing spleens
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    NSA-Approved version of Windows 10 Pro

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    Computers...? Why do you think I'm on this forum :D
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  1. Where are the videos?

    Then you'll receive high school BS level of help. Which is none. GLHF
  2. Where are the videos?

    Looks like you've got your work cut out for you.
  3. PC no post

    I love hooking an SSD up to old systems just to bottleneck CPU's. It's really fun
  4. Pc crashes at home and works fine at local tech shop

    Or just bring the UPS, power cable, and your peripherals to the shop
  5. PC no post

    Nope, it'll add new necessary drivers. I have an SSD that I use specifically for hardware testing of computers. It's been through probably 100 different hardware configs with no noticeable problems yet.
  6. Can't play videos on FB when using Netflix

    Could be a shitty CPU.
  7. PC no post

    No. It will either boot or not, depending on your hardware configs and version of Windows.
  8. How can i make my laptop run well, better.

    Jesus. Don't uninstall anything, the computer will be shit slow no matter what you do. I have the identical system with a 240GB SSD and it runs fast af.
  9. windows 10 update every fkn week. jeez so annoying.

    Right, in this particular case I'm speaking in terms of how the OS behaves like default. Comparing apples to apples, Windows 10 is the least annoying, IMHO.
  10. windows 10 update every fkn week. jeez so annoying.

    To say Windows security updates aren't important is, again, hilarious. They wouldn't release them if they weren't necessary. Not sure where everyone gets the idea that Windows 10 pesters users to update. Never once has 10 even given me an indication it was doing updates. They install at night, like they're intended to. Windows 7 would nag me every single time it ran updates to restart. Not sure why there's confusion and anger over this topic. It's like driving a car and NEVER getting an oil change because it's inconvenient.
  11. Depends on how fancy you want it and how much you want your dad to laugh at you when you present it to him. The Razer Blade is my favourite college-realistic gaming laptop I've ever owned. I wish I still had it.
  12. Why is my HDD making that noise

    Now a hardly inaudible scratching noise is *semi* normal, that's the read write head scanning the platter surfaces for data. But it's not supposed to contact them, so unless the drive is ancient (it's not) you should barely hear anything. You'd have to put your ear to it to notice a sound.
  13. Why is my HDD making that noise

    If your hard drive is grinding, it's dying. Backup any data on it ASAP.
  14. Why is my HDD making that noise

    Don't try defragging that drive until you've tested it for errors. If it is failing, that will likely kill it
  15. windows 10 update every fkn week. jeez so annoying.

    As I said earlier, turning off updates for any extended period of time is ridiculous for any non tech-savvy user. It's hilarious. I qualify my statement with hard facts. Have you ever used any OS prior to Windows 8? Windows 7, pops up a reminder every 10 minutes-4 hours with a restart prompt, and will eventually do it in the middle of work if you ignore it long enough. All prior OS's will also FORCE you to run all the updates the very first time you restart your PC after their finishing. Those points are all absent from Windows 10. Provided you leave your PC running, it will do virtually all it's updates in the background and you will NEVER notice them. P2P Update sharing is such a weak point for intrusiveness, and has nothing to do with OP. If you want that off, use a privacy tool. Forced updates? Yeah, so does every single modern device. Automatic installation of updates, yes. (What's the argument here?) Automatic restarts? Yes, at 3 in the morning. Not really intrusive in the slightest. Restrictive usage hours... What? What does that even mean? For your Android and Mac arguments, OK, sure. Android only requires you to fully reboot the device you use constantly once a month, with a giant pop up window that you can't ignore. Not intrusive at all. Mac, I really don't remember. I think those are actually pretty seamless. They're also a thousand dollars more expensive. Which makes them a niche market, which means they don't need weekly security updates. If you want to disable your Windows Updates, go for it. But don't spread the notion that it's in any way, shape, or form a good idea.