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    Intel Core i7-7820X @ 4.0GHz
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    Asus Prime X299 Deluxe
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    32GB G.Skill TridentZ RGB DDR4
  • GPU
    GTX 1080Ti FE
  • Case
    Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX
  • Storage
    500GB 960 Pro SSD, 240GB PNY SATA SSD, 3TB WD Red NAS
  • PSU
    Corsair RMx Series, RM850x
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    3x 1080p Garbage
  • Cooling
    EK A240G AIO Kit
  • Keyboard
    Razer BlackWidow Chroma "Clicky"
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    Razer Super Mega Black Mamba of Death 9000DPI
  • Sound
    Logitech Something with a broken bass adjustment knob so it's always rupturing spleens
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    NSA-Approved version of Windows 10 Pro

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    Computers...? Why do you think I'm on this forum :D
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  1. Shit, I'm still running 3.9. Wonder what the changelog was?
  2. You'd be surprised how many people don't have common sense.... lol.
  3. Windows Defender is baseline, it's not designed to be your only anti malware product. If you want free, Avast is good enough. You just have to deal with occasional ads. If you want to pay, Webroot's cheapest option is your best bet. Malwarebytes is great for scanning, it's paid protection is garbage.
  4. Upgrade?

    I would say wait for 6 months or so. GPU prices may drop? That setup is pretty decent assuming you aren't running out of space. A 1080Ti if you have cash burning a hole in your pocket.
  5. how to sell a used key

    Sell what account? Your Origin account? Why would you sell a used key? What am I missing?
  6. POLL: I7 7820 NOW OR I9 LTR

    The 7820x? Which i9? The 10-core? i9 is better performance. i7 is better value.
  7. Upload Limit - help required

    Enabling QoS should do the trick on that router.

    Interesting. 9/10 of devices I work on with blue screens are RAM-related. What's that bit about yellow BSOD's? What?

    Those pesky BSOD's can be caused by a bajillion and one different things. Most common cause is failing RAM.
  10. Why not? I think they're perfectly acceptable. Not preferred, but I have no problem with them because they are *purely* cosmetic and offer no incentive whatsoever to buy them.
  11. All they have to do is mirror something like Overwatch. Great game, with cosmetic microtransactions that are also earned through gameplay, which in turn earns you a higher rank.
  12. Do I need to install OS from scratch?

    Your Windows 10 license is typically tied to a combination of hardware and the MAC address. Swapping a hard drive with a valid license into another computer that has never run a licensed version of Windows 10 will unlicense it. Windows 7, when upgraded to Win10, creates and registers a Win10 key to the hardware, just as if you had purchased a Win10 key. No real difference there. Hopefully that answers your Q? If you are only keeping the GPU and HDD, it will likely unlicense the install.
  13. Bottle Neck

    I think the price is decent. No recommendations on monitor or keyboard, just buy the cheapest ones new (or used if that's your bag) As far as an upgrade... PSU first, then RAM, then GPU. Storage as needed of course. Should be a fairly capable rig as is.
  14. What's the fastest mbps an average person can get in America?

    You guys SUCK. I want fiber :C 100 down, 10 up at both my home and my shop.
  15. External Drive Questions

    OK, this is ridiculous. An SSD is not a USB flash drive, is not DDRX, is not a hard drive. They're all different. Arguing over the differences between a USB drive and an SSD (speed, ease of use, connection standard, fragility, usability, warranty, lifespan, etc) is pointless. They aren't the same.