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  1. Disappointing 7820x temps?

    WOW! Just delidded again and put more liquid metal on (definitely didn't have enough) and temps are down to 45c under load! So much better!!! Thank you!
  2. Disappointing 7820x temps?

    Yep, same thing. I can only assume I screwed up either the LM application or the thermal paste under the monoblock considering I was getting the same temps before I applied LM.
  3. Disappointing 7820x temps?

    OK, I'll keep that in mind. I appreciate it. Also, I should clarify. I'm not using the H115i. I've got an EK monoblock with 2x240mm rads. That's why even stock clock load temps are confusing me.
  4. Disappointing 7820x temps?

    Okay. I've never really used XTU before, does it auto-adjust voltage when I bump up the clocks? I dropped everything to default and I'm still sitting around 65c on average on all cores. Even that just seems way too high for this CPU with the cooling setup I have. Perhaps I'm wrong?
  5. Very possible this is the wrong section, I wasn't positive. Watercooling maybe? Anyways... Judging by the overclock database I was just looking at (Looks like another user got 4.8GHz on all 8 cores with an H115i in push/pull...) these temps can't be normal. Just curious if anyone has any suggestions? I'm not new to computers but fairly new to overclocking. Just using Intel Xtreme Tuning Utility, I've got all 8 cores set to 4.2GHz max turbo (only 200mhz over stock clock... no adjustments other than dragging the sliders up from 4GHz) and I'm hovering around 75c under full load. Highest core peaked at 84c. As soon as the system returns to idle, temps drop right down to 35c with the loop warmed up. I've delidded and applied liquid metal (maybe I botched that? I was definitely cautious about applying too much, maybe I didn't use enough? I got full coverage.) Using IC Diamond thermal paste for the monoblock on top of CPU, it's also possible I don't have full coverage there. I guess I'm just curious about the first thing I should check. Anyone got any good suggestions? Did I FUBAR something? I know this CPU is capable of more, especially with LM.
  6. Shit, I'm still running 3.9. Wonder what the changelog was?
  7. You'd be surprised how many people don't have common sense.... lol.
  8. Windows Defender is baseline, it's not designed to be your only anti malware product. If you want free, Avast is good enough. You just have to deal with occasional ads. If you want to pay, Webroot's cheapest option is your best bet. Malwarebytes is great for scanning, it's paid protection is garbage.
  9. Upgrade?

    I would say wait for 6 months or so. GPU prices may drop? That setup is pretty decent assuming you aren't running out of space. A 1080Ti if you have cash burning a hole in your pocket.
  10. how to sell a used key

    Sell what account? Your Origin account? Why would you sell a used key? What am I missing?
  11. POLL: I7 7820 NOW OR I9 LTR

    The 7820x? Which i9? The 10-core? i9 is better performance. i7 is better value.
  12. Upload Limit - help required

    Enabling QoS should do the trick on that router.

    Interesting. 9/10 of devices I work on with blue screens are RAM-related. What's that bit about yellow BSOD's? What?

    Those pesky BSOD's can be caused by a bajillion and one different things. Most common cause is failing RAM.
  15. Why not? I think they're perfectly acceptable. Not preferred, but I have no problem with them because they are *purely* cosmetic and offer no incentive whatsoever to buy them.