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  1. Okay thanks! In a perfect world this would be somewhat easy to implement but I guess we'll see!
  2. Hi, I am planning to get wifi at my cabin via the Netgear LB1121 lte modem. However I am looking for a router (actually a router, not the 3 in 1 combo units that everyone calls routers) that allows me to set daily bandwidth and speed caps on users. I am familiar with ubiquiti's gear, I plan on using one of their AP's for this cabin, but as far as I'm aware their routers don't allow data caps on a user by user base. Here's my ideal setup: -Default is a capped user, everyone who types in the wifi password will get this treatment until I manually edit their mac addresses in the router to unlimited. We only need a few uncapped devices. -Users have access to full internet speed (about 40mb/s over lte) until they hit a certain data usage for that day. (lets say 300mb). As soon as they hit this limit, their internet is throttled to ~1mb/s and blocks all streaming sites for the day. -As soon as the next day comes around (lets say every midnight) this throttling resets and gives them full access to the speed for another 300mb for the day. -Ideally I'll also have hours of the day that internet is cut off entirely, so that the capped users cannot use it at all during these hours. The reason I want to do this is we often have tons of friends and family come by at this camp, and basically nobody has internet here. I don't want to avoid giving internet as I find that a bit insulting, but I don't want people to abuse it either. The reason I'm concerned is there have been cases of friends just standing outside our place just to use our internet. I have thought about doing a hidden network, but as soon as people figure out we have it, we are done lol. Also we have a capped monthly usage for this lte, so we don't want people who aren't us to make us go over the limit. What could also potentially work is if we have the wifi just automatically kick people off after an hour or 2 of being on the network. That way every time they want wifi they need to get me to enter the password? Perhaps a combination of all of these solutions will work! Let me know if you have any hardware ideas or ideas on how to make this system work even better! I am open to suggestions!
  3. Btw I just found a pic of a similar setup, although this is just a dodge concept. Ideally i'd have carplay on the bottom though.
  4. All I've been able to find about carplay is simply a simulation. Both my phone and ipad are jailbroken, but I haven't been able to get texts and calls on the ipad through carplay. Can you link me to those videos? I'm interested haha
  5. So is there any way to get carplay though? Or at least decent integration with calls /texts on my iPhone? Or should I just go with an android unit on top with a carplay unit beneath?
  6. Could I not just run a simple mixer for the two inputs?
  7. TBH it all depends on if money's a concern. Money's no object: 1. Get the fastest internet from your ISP. Likely around 150Mb/s. Get fibre if you can, even if speeds aren't 1GbE, you'll have less latency and faster upload. 2. Hardwire everything you can. Everything that can be plugged into ethernet should be plugged in. 3. Depending on house size, get one or more Ubiquity AC access points, you can keep your old router, just disable the 2.4 and 5ghz bands, and plug the ubiquity points into the lan ports. 4. If you have a lot of users in your house to the point where you're still not seeing consistent speeds to what you have off WAN (straight from modem), you can upgrade your router to something like the Ubiquity ER-X. (this is likely overkill though)\ 5. If you need more lan ports to make this work, just get a cheap GbE switch. Money matters: 1. Get faster internet from your ISP. ~50mb/s is great for 1-3 people, ~75 is better for 3-6 2. Get a more powerful router. Something like the D-Link AC1900 is good for a mid to medium large house. Just be sure to disable the 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands on the ISP provided router. Then set the ISP provided router to bridge mode. 3. If you still have leftover budget, hardwire all that you can. Do your most important devices first, aka the ones you most need the speed. Enjoy!
  8. Hey everyone, I have an idea to have a tesla-like touchscreen monitor in my car. However, I'd likely want to do a split screen, where the top half is some sort of capable system (such as android) to watch movies and web browsing (while stopped of course), then I'd have the bottom running android auto/apple carplay. Is there any way to do this? I'd frankly be willing to even build a windows PC with ups systems and all if I need to. Maybe emulate carplay, and have tablet mode of windows 10 on top? I Have 10gb of un-throttled data on my iphone, so it would be cool if i could set up the car to borrow that, although I also have a spare sim with 1gb data (that could maybe be used for an android tablet that's connected to the monitor? Btw my iphone and ipad are both jailbroken, in case that helps with this new system. Right now I use a jailbroken iPad in my dash, and while it works great, there is still a lot of room for improvement when it comes to connecting to my phone. That is why I'd consider this splitscreen option. Likely a 21inch touchscreen monitor set up vertically with the top half running one thing, bottom another. (ideally carplay). And lets just ignore radio for now, it seems unlikely that I could get that working nicely haha. If I need to have separate amps ect to power my car speakers that's fine! I'd love to hear your thoughts.
  9. To be honest, budget isn't too much of an issue, I might just buy used to get all the stuff I want. Around $1000 ideally. I'm interested in the hp x360. Thoughts?
  10. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a cheap 2 in 1 laptop / tablet to use for school. I already have a high end video editing pc at home, as well as a 24tb nas, so I'm not in need of crazy specs. I need your suggestions. What I need: -2 in 1 (ability to lay flat to draw on) -windows 10, NOT CHROME -Long battery life -touch screen -decent stylus support for notes -somewhat portable (no 21 inch laptops pls ) -ssd storage (128gb would do, 256gb ideal) What I want -decent screen (ideally ips, 1080p is fine) -thunderbolt 3 (for added expandability) -16gb ram (8 would suffice, but 16 ideal. If it's upgradable ram 8gb is fine) -bigger the ssd, the better -ability to charge though usb c -backlit keyboard -camera for taking pics of notes? Can't wait to hear your suggestions! It would also be ideal if I can buy it on Amazon.ca, as I've had good experiences returning, in case I end up not liking it. However, other stores are fine too. Also, what are your suggestions for a stylus to get with this? I assume I'll need to buy one, as they're rarely included. Thanks for all your help!
  11. Hey everyone! Quick question: I need to install a wireless IP camera for a friend, however, the camera will be a few hundred feet outside of the house. We have light posts with power all the way down (needed to power repeaters), although we do not have ethernet at those locations. I was thinking I'd be able to just use a wifi repeater (or 2) to allow the far away camera to connect to the main network. Will I be able to do this? I'm pretty sure I need the camera to be on the same local area network as the NVR (Network video recorder), and I'm not sure if these wifi repeaters will allow that. Or will they? What settings would I need? Is there any relatively easy way to do this? Thanks! NVR I'm using: https://www.amazon.ca/Amcrest-NV4432E-16-Channel-Network-Recorder/dp/B01LOMDEPU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1506368140&sr=8-1&keywords=Amcrest+NV4432E+32+Chanel+(16-Channel+PoE)+Network+Video+Recorder+-+Supports+5-Megapixels+%40+30fps+Realtime%2C+ONVIF+Compliance%2C+USB+Backup%2C+Supports+up+to+24TB+HDD+(Not+Included)+and+More IP Camera I'm using: https://www.amazon.ca/Wansview-Wireless-Security-Weatherproof-VisionW2-Black/dp/B06WWNXFTR/ref=sr_1_2?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1506894527&sr=1-2&keywords=outdoor+wireless+ip+security+camera
  12. Are you thinking just an audio stream, or video as well? If only audio, the Irig is great for inputting mics know an ipad. Maybe pick up a cheap 4 channel soundboard /mixer, then that could allow you to put in both mics, then hook up the output of the board to your Irig and ipad.
  13. I assume you have tried restoring each phone?
  14. If you're okay with going used, you might be able to find an iPhone 6+ for around that price. If not, look into the oneplus line. Imo those are some of my favourite phones.