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  1. Specs: MSI 970A-G43 SAPPHIRE R9 380 NITRO GSKILL RIPJAWS X 2X4GB 1600 MHZ AMD FX-6300 CM HYPER 212 EVO SEASONIC M12II 620W NZXT S340 WHITE GLOSSY SAMSUNG EVO 120GB I know it's a dumb question but i can overclock this rig without having any problems? I'm not sure if my mobo can handle overclocking both GPU and CPU.
  2. Thank you guys. I checked and they cost more than i7, but all of you guys suggested it so im opting on getting a Xeon now. And its compatible to my mobo right? Any other components that i should change?
  3. Hello again! Finally im 95% finished on my first ever pc rig, i just cant decide yet on my cpu and mobo.. I mostly play games like gtav, watchdogs, bf4, civ 5 and i don't use photoshop or any editing softwares, but i like to stream games (mostly dota 2) and since im not an pc expert i can't decide between the two: *AMD FX-8350 and MSI 970 Gaming (292$) or *i5-4590 and ASRock b85m-hds (267$) the rest: GPU - SAPPHIRE R9 380 NITRO RAM - GSKILL RIPJAW 2X4GB 1600 PSU - FSP RAIDER 650W 80+ SILVER COOLER - CM HYPER 212X SSD - SAMSUNG 120GB 850 EVO CASE - CORSAIR SPEC-01 Thank you in advance guys.
  4. Hey im back! Im torned between the two r9 380 cards that i saw, im aiming for a gaming pc build but i'm not really sure what to pick in these two: 1.Gigabyte r9 380 g1 gaming 2. Sapphire r9 380 nitro Im leaning towards the gigabyte because it has more complex fans. What do you think?
  5. Well that convinced me.. thanks for this great tip. Im leaning towards the 380 now!
  6. Thank you for this great tip. Well for one thing Morgan MLGMan adviced me to not touch ggbyte radeon cards,
  7. The exact model of the r9 380 that i saw is Gigabyte r9-380 G1 Gaming 4GD5 256*bit
  8. Wow guys thank you! I have a question, earlier i was torned between an msi geforce gtx 960 (i saw this one at an online shop in kuwait where my father lives, planning on shipping to his apartment, the card cost 275$ if converted) and sapphire tri-x oc r9 280x (around 292$) here in my country. And then all of you suggest r9 380, found one around 250$ with 4g gddr5 254-bit, is it really better than those 2 that i mentioned?
  9. Hello! I need a little help for my pc rig, its my first time building and im kinda torned on choosing the right PSU, heres the rig: PROC - AMD FX8350 4.0 GHz am3+ GPU - MSI GEFORCE GTX 960 4G Case - Corsair SPEC-01 RAM - Gskill Ripjaw 2x4gb 1866 Cooling - Cooler Master Hyper 212x (currently finding hyper 212 evo version) SSD - Samsung 120gb 850 evo MoBo - MSI 970 gaming PSU-?? I saw an FSP Aurum 500W 80+ gold for around 79$, but alot of ppl really suggest corsairs, seasonic, tt, etc.
  10. Oh wow it was better than i was expecting, thank you very much!
  11. Wow you're right, im gonna have to check every specs that you picked if its available in my location. Thank you very much for that ill be right back
  12. Tried pcpartpicker, no issues when i put the overkill cpu cooler v8 gts, mobo and the ram i chosen which is gskill ripjaw 2x4gb. Thanks for that awesome tip though, i will be getting 980 on my next next upgrade for that steady fps and ultra settings Btw if i can ask, with this rig what do you think is the settings for gta v? high or medium? and the expected fps? Yes thank you! Im gonna change my cpu cooler pick and get that hyper 212 instead, in PSU i havent decided yet but im thinking of going for a 500W 80+ gold certified FSP AURUM. Will that be enough?
  13. Noted on that SSD and cooler overkill part! The samsung ssd card cost more but i think its worth it and instead of an v8 gts i picked the hyper 212x suggested by SPAS-ID. On the PSU part, i wish that tt psu is available here in my country though but sadly it isnt. I was checking this other pc components shop and i saw this 500W 80+ gold certified PSU from FSP (around 79$), also an 750W/650W 80+ silver certified (around 69$) from FSP also. Should i get the 500w 80+ gold or the 750w or 650W with only 80+ silver?