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    UK/ Germany, now in the US
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    Photography, Design, Writing, Archery, infrequently gaming
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    i7 6700k | i7 8086k (Second System)
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    Gigabyte GA-Z170X-SOC FORCE | Strix Z370-I
  • RAM
    32GB HyperX Fury 2133Mhz Rev. 2 | 32GB TridentZ RGB
  • GPU
    GTX Titan (Original) | MSI GTX 980Ti Golden Edition
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    Corsair 900D | Louqe Ghost S1
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    6 HDDs, (= 4TB) | Samsung NVMe Pro M.2 1TB
  • PSU
    Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro 1000W | Corsair SF600
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    Asus VG248QE
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    Ek Waterblocks kit | NZXT Kraken x52
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    Corsair K95 RGB | Apple Magic Keybaord 2 Grey
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    Razer Mamba, Roccat Kone XTD, Wacom Intuos Pro S, Surface Dial
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. You can try that. Maybe the two versions are just not compatible at all (which would suck) but keep trying!
  2. There's a psu on the website... Here: https://hdplex.com/hdplex-400w-hi-fi-dc-atx-power-supply-16v-24v-wide-range-voltage-input.html
  3. Uhm... I was talking about SFX psu's (which should fit into most cases), mine has 600 Watts... I run an i7 8086k overclocked,980ti and I'm fine... Here's an article about SFX psu's... Everything from 450 to 650 https://graphicscardhub.com/sfx-psu-power-supply/
  4. Question is, if your RGB header is adressable, and if the fan has adressable LEDs. I had the same problem with my fans, until I figured out that my MoBo had an adressable header, and my fans weren't adressable. Bought a Coolermaster RGB controller, and everything has worked flawlessly ever since. So look at how many pins the header has, how many the fan RGB header has, if they are both 3 or 4-pins, it has to do with the software. Update all the drivers, and maybe re-isntall the software.
  5. [redundant] I didn't buy any NZXT fans (not a fan of the looks honestly), but I can strongly recommend EK's Vardar fans. They push a ton of air, and have RGB (if you go for that option). Just keep in mind that those are not adressable. (I have the EK fans in both a Corsair 900d, and a Louqe Ghost S1. Similar performance in both cases.)
  6. Looks like it has everything for a normal system; Qestion is, why use one of those PUS's if you can use a sff power supply? Are you doing a crazy tiny build?
  7. I'm looking for a used GTX 1080ti to upgrade from my 980ti. RTX is too expensive for me, but I want some better performance in Games and for Work. I've found anything from $480 to $600+ on eBay, for various models, everything from Reference coolers to Watercooled cards. Since my build is a super tiny ITX build in a Louqe Ghost S1, I can't go any bigger than reference board size. I already have massive issues with the 980ti, and had to bend some cables to unhealthy degrees. Thanks in advance!
  8. Honestly Windows. Better file System, better environment for troubleshooting and less restrictions.
  9. Flash a new BIOS onto the laptop with a USB stick.
  10. My favourite case so far (although it's Mini-ITX) is the Louqe Ghost S1. Sure, there's some flaws, but imo, there's no ITX case, that looks more simplistic, modern, and sexy than that. I wrote a review of it here:
  11. Yeah I certainly hope so too. And one of the hinges also gave up, the mount on the aluminium body cracked. Disappointing for a $3000 laptop smh. Only bought it one and a half years ago...
  12. Hi, I finally got my FC to work, the only problem now is, that the PCIe card is not recognized as a network interface, but as a Storage controller, in Device manager. Does anbody here know how to change it, so that it gets recognized as a NIC, and not a storage controller? I attached a screenshot of my device manager, but it's in German. The two tabs that are open are the network interfaces, and the storage controllers. Thanks for any help in advance, Fredi
  13. Yep. Already put in a new SSD and new Windows though. I'm copying my old files over from the other SSD. I mean it works now, but not exactly how I would have liked tbh.