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  1. Anyone know of any other cheaper RGB fans that I can connect to my Corsair lightning node to sync light effects? I'm new to rgb and pc building so I dont know if all 4 pin fans can just connect to my lightning node pro and if lighting effects will just sync. There are deepcool cf130, fractal prisma al12, ek vardar evo 120er rgb, lian li br120, thermaltake pure plus etc. Theres alot and some have included controllers which is fine but I just want to be able to sync up the lights. Using corsair ll120 with included lighting node controller.
  2. Is there something blocking it for 140mm fans to not fit? From pictures, motherboard doesnt seem to cause clearance issues.
  3. I'm looking to get a new case to upgrade from my NZXT S340. Currently got my sights on the Lian Li PC O11 Dynamic. Just have a few questions about it though if someone can help answer them. First, how much space is there on the back shroud for cable management? In my current NZXT S340 case, because I am using cablemod extension sleeves and multiple cables to connect all my SSD and HDD, there are so many cables at the back. Even though I'm not great at cable management, I've tried my best to cable manage as best as I could but I still had to forcefully close the back panel of my case and the sheer number of cables and especially the motherboard cable is causing my back panel to bulge. I want to avoid that in the Lian Li so wondering if there is more than sufficient space back there for cables. Instead of nice velcro ties I personally need more space for cables to fit. If it helps I'm only going to be using 1 PSU. Second, I'm thinking of getting a NZXT Kraken AIO with the case just cause this case is mostly tempered glass so I want some bling and I love the look of the Kraken's infinity mirror. Was thinking of getting Kraken X62 for I guess the best performance per $ but that does not fit on Lian Li's side vent as it seems that only fits 240 and 360mm. So what would be the ideal fan and aio placement on this case as I also have 3x 120mm NZXT AER RGB fans that I'm going to be bringing over and want to make the best use of its RGB. So far from what I have seen there are two options that I have thought of, NZXT Kraken X62 radiator at top vent as exhaust and 3x 120mm AER RGB fans as exhaust as well on side vent (cause aesthetics) and 3x 120mm fans at the bottom as intake. This would be a negative pressure which isn't my ideal but I've never tried negative pressure and don't know how it performs so... someone let me know if negative pressure is worse. Other option is to attach 3x 120mm AER RGB on the side as exhaust and use Kraken X62 on top as intake as well as 3x 120mm on bottom as intake as well. Creating a positive pressure. I know that hot air rises but also is not affected in a PC case with airflow as the fans overpowers the natural tendency of heat to rise. Thirdly, I wanted to ask if anyone has tried mounting 140mm fans on the bottom of the case. I know it says only 120mm fans are supported but by looking a reviews and videos, it honestly looks like there should be enough clearance to mount a 140mm fan. Is there something preventing from mounting a 140mm fan at the bottom? Reason being I have left over Noctua Chromax NF 140mm fans and wanted to use them as bottom intake fans on the Lian Li instead of going out and buying more fans. Any help and answers would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Oh I see. Well to be honest the Kraken was just for aesthetics and for long term use. Who knows i might upgrade to a higher core cpu. For me 2070 prices are really low or 2060 Super prices are really high because the ASUS RTX 2060 Super Strix Gaming OC costs $5 more than the ASUS RTX 2070 Strix Gaming OC. If I'm not mistaken I believe the 2070 still beats a 2060 Super by a smidge. The EVGA 2070 XC Ultra costs $40 less than the ASUS 2060 Super Strix. I guess it might be better to invest $120 more for the 2070 Super XC Ultra over the non super 2070 XC Ultra as I really don't "need" to upgrade any other components in my PC.
  5. Yes but is it worth $120 in performance and future proofing or is it better spent elsewhere like upgrading my Cryorig H7 cooler to a NZXT Kraken X62 which I have been wanting for awhile.
  6. The EVGA RTX 2070 XC Ultra is same price or even cheaper than the RTX 2060 Super and available at my retail store.
  7. I'm looking to buy a new graphics card. I'm wondering if I should purchase a RTX 2070 or the new 2070 Super version. I'll be comparing the EVGA XC Ultra 2070 vs EVGA XC Ultra 2070 Super. The Super version costs $120 USD more than the RTX non super. I play on 1440p and would like to achieve a constant 144fps in a game like Apex Legends at medium/competitive quality. For the price what would be the better buy? Using Ryzen 3600. 16gb of 3600mhz ram. Games are on Samsung 860 Pro SSD.
  8. For the price, things work weirdly in NZ. If it really is only that small difference then I really wouldn't care to get the 3600 and use that at stock.
  9. Also to note if my monitor has any affect regarding the decision between the two cpus. I game at 1440p and my monitor is capable of 144hz. GPU is RTX2070.
  10. I am going with X470 motherboard as it costs much less and the ASUS ROG Strix F X470 is on sale for me. As well as X570 boards having active cooling is a no go for me. As for 3600 vs 3600X. I'm not planning on manually OC and just letting everything run at stock with PBO. So I'm assuming 3600X would be better to suit my needs. Basically for me 2600X costs $200 3600 costs $250 and 3600X costs $300. I'm just assuming for using stock settings the X variant would give me better performance.
  11. Been away for while and haven't been up to date with Ryzen 3600x launch and benchmarks. Just wondering about the new 3600x and if its worth purchasing it over the 2600x when it costs 1.5x as much. Is the 7nm architecture a big improvement? I will mainly use it for gaming and will not be manually OC so staying with X version to use its automatic boost system. Also how are the thermals for 3600x? Been scared to go AMD after reading about 2700X massive power draw and high temperatures. Will be using my Corsair h100i on it. Also will be factoring in motherboard as well. If there is no huge disadvantage to pairing 3600X with a X470 motherboard. I'm planning to get a x470 motherboard instead of x570 motherboard. I know there needs to be an update to the bios. Also will be using my current Hyper X Predator ram rated at 3200mHz if that matters. Basically whats better for its price in gaming performance and thermals? 2600X or 3600X for 1.5 times the cost of the 2600X.
  12. Oh so even if the monitor had an average response time of 8ms. I should still be getting the full 144Hz? I thought that if response time was greater than 6.9ms you won't be experiencing full 144Hz as each transition from frame to frame takes 8ms but at 144Hz, each frame is refreshed every 6.9ms. So if each frame refresh is at 8ms instead of 6.9ms, it would be 125Hz.
  13. Yes I've thought about that too but most of the games I play are FPS games so I'd rather hope I can get as close to 144Hz with 144FPS as possible. 1440p decreases my fps a bit too much for my liking. I've seen my friends 27 inch 1080p monitor and I thought I'd be fine with it but I haven't seen it or used it long term so I can't say for certain but it looked pretty okay to me.
  14. I'm currently looking to upgrade my monitor to a 144Hz monitor that is rather on the entry side. I'm not a hardcore player and I like to have decent colours so I'm choosing to not go TN panel and go VA or IPS panel but currently in my country I cannot find a 27 inch 144Hz IPS panel monitor for rather cheap. I do want a 27 inch monitor and I'd like to try curved but its not a deal breaker. So far I found 2 monitors that are within my budget ASUS ROG Strix XG27VQ - 27 inch, 144Hz VA panel 1800R curved monitor for $700 ACER XZ271 - 27 inch, 144Hz VA panel 1800R curved monitor for $580 I haven't been able to find many reviews of the Acer monitor and as for the price difference, I'm not sure what benefits the ASUS has over Acer for $120 more. So if someone knows if there is a difference other than RGB the ASUS has, that would be helpful. Also would like to know is VA panel decent for gaming? I have heard that VA panels inherently have higher response times. So I've heard that due to the high response time, transitions from frame to frame actually can't keep up with 144Hz and is actually closer to 110ish Hz.
  15. Thanks for this info. Unfortunately I could not find any information about my fans Amperage, I've looked on the box. manual, online but found nothing, it is 12V DC though. I solved the issue, I got another hub (exactly the same model) to do a 2 fan per hub configuration but the new hub can power all 4 fans at once when the older one can't. I'm assuming the older one is defective or something. I would still like to ask you this. If my single hub can power on all 4 fans at once should I just keep it that way or is it still better for me to go for a 2 fan per hub configuration? As in if I connect all 4 fans onto one hub which is powered by 1 chassis fan connection on my mobo, would the fans not be able to spin at max described rpm due to not getting enough power?