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  • CPU
    AMD 8350
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    8 gigs of Hyperx
  • GPU
    Gigabyte 970
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    1tb in SSD and HDD combined
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    Energon 750
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    Dual 1080p
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
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    Razer Widow ultimate
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    Corsair RGB
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    nothing matters but a big bass box
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  1. Probably not that much different from helping regular computer illiterate people.
  2. Just a brush with stiff bristles(Don't brush against the bristles brush with them, as you might accidentally pull some fibers out) then wipe off with a damp cloth. This usually gets all the dead skin cells out of my mat.
  3. The CPU temp is ALWAYS at about 35c idle, and even right before the fans rev the temp is still around 35c
  4. Even though I've set it to change fan speed according to temp and not usage
  5. Tested with BIOS only, and i've tested with the AI suite software. I'm sure it's just an odd quirk in the software, where in it somehow sees a spike in CPU usage and revs up the fans to 100%
  6. I've only ever ran it directly through the CPU fan header, using their provided fan splitter.
  7. I have edited the cpu fan curve in both the BIOS and AI suite And they're normal
  8. Hello, i have the corsair h105, and ever since i upgraded mobo (to an Asus Z270a) The fans are revving randomly, loudly and when the temperature is normal. Usually, the cpu temp howevers at around 35c (7600k 5ghz cpu) yet the fans are still revving, revving even when the temp doesn't change.
  9. Hello, a month ago my 7~ year old mobo died, and with it went my 8350. I already have a GTX 970 (with an insane oc ty for asking), so i already have a decent graphics card. I'm looking to upgrade it with these specs: 8gb DDR4 hyperX fury ram Asus Z270-A I5 7600k. Any suggestions or reccomendations? I don't want to spend all my money on the upgrade, and I've found this is the best price/perfomance i can get right not.
  10. Hello, I just recently bought a new ROG 702vmk (It's really good btw), But recently the fans have started rattling very loudly. The laptop makes the most noise when the fans are spinning at a medium low speed, meaning when the fans are spinning at 100% it makes the same noise as any other fast spinning fan. Things i've already done: Check for loose screws Cleaned the fans for grime, or stuck things Cleaned the whole interior. Link to recording of the noise:
  11. SOLVED: Due to my parts becoming old, the overclock on my CPU is no longer stabile so i had to turn back on the oc from 4.5 ghz to 4.0.
  12. That was my intention, but i cant boot into the win10 thumb drive to reinstall.