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    Love pc gaming and anything in that field. Well I think we all do why else are we here. :D
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    Sales Associate sigh... i wish

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  1. Looking for a place to buy some better keycaps for my ducky shine 2. Like these... http://imgur.com/LXxQ35U,wKAOB4w,pZtBa0c,4zTfhAh#0 or just a thicker better quality keycap for duckyshine that the leds do not bleed through.
  2. Where do you see the next iterations of Intel CPU's focusing on with the next Gen games coming in? Oh man can't wait to have a chance for that ultra book
  3. Casper

    How is this monitor for gaming?

    Its good i have both models of the Asus panels but little bit more pricey than what I paid for them But that might be the AUS to USD thing
  4. Casper

    Where is the best place to start coding?

    http://www.codecademy.com if no one has recommended it yet
  5. Casper

    "Xbox One Can Do 4K Gaming"

    4k at 720p and 30fps
  6. Casper

    Most embarrassing PC part you have?

    My mobo and CPU got fired when i ordered my 3570k and Sabertooth board so I canceled the order and paid my car off Current Build AMD 955 With a biostar A870u3 8Gigs of ram 7950 ax760i Modular 120 gig ssd Force GT 2 500 WD Black drives :'(
  7. Casper

    Network Topology?

    Very helpful thank you for that website
  8. Casper

    Network Topology?

    Been reading that didnt know how detailed it was since i have no experience in this type of computer stuff
  9. Casper

    Network Topology?

    Started a new class and was wondering where is some good informational places that list Networking Topology's with the different logical characteristics and such ? any help would be appreciated
  10. Casper

    ASUS P9X79-E WS - where to buy

    Very nice still rocking the 955BE though (depressed on the inside)
  11. Casper


    1. I have a pc with 1 SSD Corsair Force GT with two western digital 500 gig hard drives all of it is fully maxed out with all games, school work, and video edits. I ran this configuration because I recieved the two 500 gig HDD's from friends previous builds and the SSD was a Christmas present (good one right?) SSD is just for boot drive and main programs I use for faster load times. Oh and because College kid lol. 2. Facebook Nope no facebook 3. Twitter share @CasperchaosXVI https://twitter.com/CasperChaosXVI/status/375063254797541376 4. Community Site share with nickname CasperNomNom http://www.steamgifts.com/forum/fjVKT/12-terabytes-of-storage
  12. Casper

    Steam gauge: Who has the most valuable steam account

    Yeah... i've spent a little bit
  13. Casper

    7950/7970 Backplates

    Well jeez we are all in the same boat :|
  14. Casper

    7950/7970 Backplates

    I still have to get a motherboard and a cpu (waiting for haswell) but my current card just looks bland i think itll clean it up quite nice