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  1. micahf

    iamdarkyoshi's Lenovo T430 Modding Log

    I've got one of these myself, and I got the bios modded and did wifi, ram, battery, and os upgrades (MacOS on internal ssd, Windows 10 on ssd in ultrabay adapter, USB with ubuntu on it.) My trackpad is looking a little worse for wear though. Where did you get the vinyl for yours? I was thinking about just getting a dbrand skin for a larger trackpad and cutting it down. I also saw some options on amazon for just bulk vinyl skin. Just wondering what you went with for that. I'm also curious as to whether you had finished the speaker mod, as I find mine a bit lacking.
  2. I've had the desktop version of that chip running in a hackintosh before. Not sure, but I think that the chip should be able to support up to mojave. I'm not running it any more, so I can't verify that it still works. I do have mojave running on my thinkpad t430 and it's amazing.
  3. micahf


    I've got a p8p67 at home that I ran windows 10 on a while back. It worked fine with 10, but I did have problems with 8.
  4. That's a cool 5 years of spotify. Sure you didn't mean 60 days?
  5. micahf

    Will another 1050Ti speed up Blender

    Just because the 1050 TI doesn't support SLI doesn't mean you can't use a second one to speed up operations. I'm not sure how Blender handles GPU's, but as Luke explained in WTF is going on with SLI, there are other ways to handle multiple GPU's beside SLI.
  6. micahf

    What's bigger: Black Friday or Boxing Day?

    According to Wikipedia, In the UK,[25] Canada,[26] Australia,[27] and New Zealand,[28] Boxing Day is primarily known as a shopping holiday. So not anywhere else in world.
  7. micahf

    x-mas help

    I'd go back and watch some of Linus' useful tech under $100. He's got a bunch of good stuff there.
  8. micahf

    The under 100 line challenge!

    I made a to-do list application in visual basic. Not counting the auto-generated designer code, I'm at 83 lines. My code is over here. https://github.com/mfocht/todoapp
  9. micahf

    Help with project ideas.

    Must Use Forms Images Multiple input devices Input validation Mathematical calculations Selection statements If, then, else, elseif Switch Loops For – While Documentation Must Use One: RNG Timer Collision Detection May Use Show/Hide - Visible Arrays – 1-dimensional arrays 2-dimensional arrays For my computer programming class, we're required to create a program for our final project. I'm tired, with finals and all, and can't think of anything that I want to do. This is a freshmen class, so nothing too big is needed. Here are the requirements. Thanks for all of your help, Micah.
  10. micahf

    Fury X giveaway

    I'm running a Nvidia GTX 210, Pentium g2020, Asus P8P67, 12 GB of RAM, and a 120 GB SSD. It's not the best processor, but I've used it for video editing before and the main issue was the export.
  11. I'm considering building a server pretty soon here. It would be doing some light visualization work through unraid to provide a visual studio environment for my Chromebook. It would also be a backup server / NAS for my main video editing PC. I'm planning on having 2 drives in it to start, but I would like to have 8 drives eventually installed. The motherboard that I'm looking at is a super micro one, and is an atx board, so it should fit in most cases. I would prefer it to have hot-swappable bays in the front, and be 2 or 4u's. Thanks for reading this, and for your suggestions, Micah F.
  12. micahf

    Office 2010 download?

    You could try this link from /r/microsoftsoftwareswap. It should work. https://mega.nz/#!tV0WmYLR!7XFImh-Rvnv1gWPnPaPSKZ5RKkQSpIaVI-KcAmzem7Q This is the standard version and not the professional one, so it might not work, but other than that, it should be OK.
  13. micahf

    Apacer AS330 Panther Giveaway

    I literally have no storage in my computer right now, so this would make it a WHOLE lot more functional.
  14. micahf

    Is generic RAM safe?

    They're basically the same, but make sure to look at the speed before assuming they're completely equal.
  15. micahf

    "Safely remove" graphics card?

    According to a quick google search, it is because of the new Nvidia driver that allows for thunderbolt cards. There is a bug that is making some non-thunderbolt cards have this popup. It should be fixed soon.