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  1. This is correct, and also still usable as a solution.
  2. Long range is literally the worst place to use 5G
  3. I've been able to do this as a free user for as long as i can remember
  4. You can recycle batteries. You can't recycle CO2 emissions
  5. No, the widely accepted theory is that CO2 is the primary contributor to climate change. There are other things that have more impact, but it is outweighed by the vast amount of CO2 we produce.
  6. They really aren't that weak. They haven't been for a long time. Just because they're not gaming laptops doesn't mean they're weak. They come with quad core CPUs now. That's nothing to scoff at. Also, the device market is pretty healthy. There are options to get pretty much everything in USB C at this point. And honestly i have no idea what you even mean in your third point.
  7. You would need dongles to use a surface anyway. USB C is superior in literally every single way. Unless you have a thunderbolt monitor from 10 years ago, you'll need a dongle to use that MDP port. Netbooks don't really exist anymore. Ultrabooks and netbooks are distinctly different categories. Stop being obstinate. This is just wrong. The first USB C devices to come out (Nokia N1 in particular) were about 50% USB 2.0.
  8. Bet you this is a hoax so that he doesn't have to ship out items he promised to give away
  9. Literally the entire point is to lowball so that the government forced to respond with a better value. If they don't respond, then the tax value becomes 200 dollars. That's the point.
  10. That's literally exactly what apple is doing. The property was given a value, they disputed the value, claiming it was actually 200 dollars.
  11. Except this is just an application. They're not filing the value as 200 dollars, they're filing an application and that's their initial valuation. The town will come back with the actual valuation and apple will be forced to accept. If the town doesn't come back with an actual valuation then 200 dollars will be the tax value. That's why they do this.
  12. The writing has been on the wall for a very long time. It's been at least a year since they had to stop taking custom orders. They've been behind on case orders for even longer. It was only a matter of time. I wish they could have pulled through, but i also wish this was a surprise.
  13. If you want expandability, that's not the way to do it. Raid 5/6 is more economical as well.
  14. I realized that as soon as i hit submit. Still it's not at all difficult. If you're using 100MB/s as a baseline per drive, Then a 7 drive RAID 6 or 6 Drive RAID 5 should be able to do it pretty easily
  15. Really not all that difficult. I have 6 slow old 1TB drives in Raid 5 and it saturates a gigabit connection Edit: JK, 100MB/s is already Gigabit
  16. Rest in peace Blue. We'll bury you in the same ditch as Jaybird and Saitek ended up in
  17. Not really worried about it. It also means the government or someone who stole the laptop can't recover data either
  18. 6700 dollars is the price of the fully specced out model. The i9 but otherwise base is 3100. The base price, as it has been since 2016, is 2400.
  19. The i9 only costs 300 dollars more compared to the 2.6 i7. It's not 6000 dollars.
  20. You guys have clearly never been in a situation like this before. I can literally guarantee you none of you would do anything either. The entire video is literally only 38 seconds. They were gone long before anything serious could happen, that's literally the entire point of moving so quickly. The fact that that big dude stood at the door is pretty impressive, and he did better than i would have expected given he was shoved by 4 people at the same time.