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    Inel i5 4690k
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    ASUS H81-gamer
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    8gb Corsair Vengance DDR3 1600mhz
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    EVGA superclocked 980 ti
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    Corsair Vengeance C70 military green
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    1TB WD blue HDD+ 120gb Samsung 840 evo SSD
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    EVGA Supernova G2 750 watt
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    Asus VG248QE (144hz)
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    stock CPU fan+ 3 system fans
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    Corsair k65 (non-rgb)
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    Logitech G502 proteus core
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    Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Any suggestions for cards that would? I haven't closely monitor d and over the years since I got my 980 ti but their dominance in the CPU market has me intrigued. Is the Vega line compatible to the rtx line nvidia offers?
  2. I recently got my check in the bank finally, which has spurred me to do some upgrading. I am currently running an i5 4690k and a 980ti. I have just bought a ryzen 7 2700x to begin with as a good start since you can get them for less than 200 bucks on Amazon right now. Bottleneck tester actually says the CPU is too powerful and my 980ti will bottleneck it. I was wondering if this is true or if I'll need to maybe go to an rtx 2070. Thanks
  3. Yeah I don't think I ever messed with XMP in bios. 1600mhz is more than enough imo.
  4. Essentially I'm noticing certain games eat up my ram even with chrome closed. (Cough, BO4) Thus, I feel I need to finally move on from 8gb. I have a single 8gb stick of Corsair vengance ddr3 (1600mhz). I still see 16gb as a waste, as I don't do anything other than gaming and web browsing. Thus, I want to add a 4gb stick of the same brand, speed, etc. Would this cause a drop in performance as the sticks aren't EXACTLY identical?
  5. Anyone know if I could ship one out to the UK? Would it even run on 240 v mains?
  6. Nah, I'm too sentimental over my ol' C70. Plus, i found the perfect sized piece of particle board that actually looks pretty good when I varnished it.
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions. I just found some old particle board in my shed that I cut to size and varnished, along with adding some little plastic castor wheels to keep it stable. It looks great, and keeps my PC off of the carpet.
  8. Essentially, to be blunt, My old desk had 15 inches of leg room, which CRUSHED MY FUCKING NUTS. This led to me sitting at an awkward angle: legs off to one side and torso twisted to face the screen. This led to me going to a chiropractor for the re-alignment of my lower spine. I got a new desk. This one to be exact, cuz it seemed to have lots of leg room: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tribesigns-Modern-Simple-Computer-Workstation/dp/B015R3SU38 The problem is: my old desk, while inadequate for my nuts, had an area to the left for my PC tower. This one does not. I know it's a bad idea to put a PC on carpet, however it would ruin the aesthetics of my setup if i just had a random plank of wood under my PC, and due to the fact that my case is a corsair C70, it is both too big to place on top of the desk and to noisy when 2 inches from my face. Any ideas?
  9. Yeah. I believe i made sure to set it to high performance and all that crap. I know a user on Reddit encountered this same problem and used the same remedy i used, but, to be fair, if it wasn't for the fact that integrated graphics are used during light desktop use to conserve power and whatnot i would have disabled the hell out of it much sooner.
  10. I feel like an absolute idiot. I'm not sure if this problem was isolated to just me but I'll let it rip either way. So, since this laptop has a 960m and i knew how everything would be set to integrated graphics, i made sure to turn on all the "performance" and "high quality graphics processor" options in the nvidia control panel. Basic stuff. Well, i just thought that the 960m was utter shit, barely being able to run battlefield 1 at 1080 p on low settings. Well, for the past 3 months i've just dealt with it. But, after a few updates for battlefield 1, the fps took a turn for the worst, dropping down to 3 or 4 for most of the game. And the framerates on last gen titles that used to be decent tanked majorly. WELL, turns out you have to go into the INTEL integrated graphics control panel and turn IT to performance, or else it doesn't hand the game over to the 960m or something like that. Either way, it finally feels good to play battlefield 1 on the go at 60 fps 1080p. But, buyer beware. Make sure to turn EVERY possible graphics option to the performance option.
  11. Good to know that it must just be a driver issue generally. It may also just be the fact that origin isn't the best piece of software and EA games in general just generally run like ass thanks to bad optimization.
  12. I did, but unfortunately it gave my 980 ti too much power. It has killed most of my family and has now begun to reign terror or my town.
  13. Nothing. I only updated my drivers after noticing the fps drops, which fixed nothing.
  14. Right after i updated everything ran normally. I have only noticed the drops today. That being said this didn't happen prior to the update.
  15. Temps are cool all around, i5 is not going over 68 c on all cores and the 980 ti is staying nice and cool at 59 c max.