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  • Birthday April 20

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    Alley way.
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    Smoking weed
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    I believe in the belief of what you call "Smoking weed everyday"

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  1. Currently using a Gateway DX4840-02e keyboard along with a Logitech 305 mouse.
  2. this wall needs more memes

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    2. Railgun


      lol this meme battle is over. ggs

    3. lkarej



      Have you really been here longer then me?

    4. Railgun


      not sure if blind or just slow


      Here's a helping hand: https://gyazo.com/a37b1eb920da979b3d4d5673b3e26d1c

      Your special challenge for the day is to see if you can find that same area on your profile and compare it to mine ;)

  3. This article was helpful, I learned 420 new ways to disrespect a elder over said nutella.