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  1. I got stepping 0 on this 8320 and it locks up at anything over 4.6 but I was able to get a stable 274 bus speed and it benches pretty close to my old 8320 at 4.8 while this one is at 4.5 I think theres something wrong with the openGL test, at least for me, cpu and gpu usage was low, literally everytime I tested it, the score went down 5fps. I was going to see if the openGL test was heavily single threaded but in task manager it actually used 3 cores, kindof. Kind of weak single threaded performance but thats what you get with a $100 8 core. I'm downloading Unigine Valley now.
  2. I've done rebuilds in this case 5 times in less than a year because of platform and cooling upgrades. Specs: FX 8320 Asus 990fx evo R2.0 8Gb Kingston Hyper X Blu @1600 Seasonic M12II 750w 1Tb WD Blue Gigabyte HD 7950 Nzxt Phantom 410 4 120mm Nzxt Case fans 1 140mm Nzxt White Led case fan XSPC X20 750 pump/res XSPC Raystorm cpu block RS 240 cheap ass rad 1/2 inch pvc tubing from osh 1/2 inch barbs with hose clamps coolant:distilled water I used to have a 8320 and a Gigabyte 990fx UD3 rev3, and before that I had a FX 6300 and a Asrock 990fx Extreme 4 (physically a pos) with an HD 7870, I sold my friends the other two because I liked the UD3 look and layout but the thing could not oc a 8320 untill I strapped a fan to the vrm and the extreme 4 was ugly as hella, had a cheapy vrm hs that was higher than my i/o by an inch and sucked. I traded my friend my 8320 and UD3 (even though my old 8320 was a decent overclocker) for an 8320 and asus evo r2 because during cyber monday they had an 8320+990fx evo for $210 so I got that. I've been selling/trading so much that nothing except my case and fans were in my computer 4 months ago. I thought about going intel twice but I really liked the performance of the 8320 and 6300 for the price and I missed the good deals for it during cyber monday/black friday. I got the two extra 120 mm fans because I stole it from two of my friends Source 210's (one which I had) by trading them. I really like the stock nzxt fans, they're quite af even at max rpm (which is kinda of low) and they move plent of air and look nice. Enough. mobo with waterblock and ram, I had some bent pins on the cpu which I've never seen straight out of the box, but the box was pretty banged up and it took 19 days to ship and thats just front panel connectors and fans leak testing was a pain, I needed an new O-ring for a fitting the new tubing was a little stiff since I bought it of a roll so it looks pretty kinked but now its fine after its been running for a little bit everything about to be done about to post overclock and cinebench
  3. I just received an asus 990fx evo r2 and I matched the gold triangle and the notches in the socket all right and i also looked at the little plastic nubs that align with the bottom of the cpu, I built 3 computers this weak because all my friends got parts during black friday/cyber monday. 2 of them used fx 6300 and one was a 8320 in a gigabyte 990fx ud3. I know how to install a cpu into a socket but on the side of the triangle there is something in the way and the other 3 corners of the cpu go down alright. has anyone had this issue? the box came a little damaged but I don't know if that can affect the socket.
  4. you can have an enthusiast board, with little features, a good board with great overclocking capabilites and a solid unlocked bios. but having onboard blutooth doesnt make a board enthusiast to me
  5. 750k or 6300, i wouldnt go for a 4300 or anything
  6. better motherboard, if your on a budget just get a cheap HSF like a hyper 212 evo, Theres no point in watercooling the 8350 on an msi 970 g43.
  7. im still confused, is this gonna be a server or what?
  8. in programs that fully utilizes 8 cores dood you said programs