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  1. Yeah but i dont have the rtx option on i have it off
  2. Here u go same setup as me And even same map But the game was in beta when that play did the benchmark
  3. What do you mean another point of reference?
  4. Okay i made another video with core usage please check this is hackbey yard low fps as u can see
  5. I recorded another video i really hope u can check it with the fps gpu usage and cpu usage and memory please give it a look
  6. i dont get it how people are getting 180+ fps then
  7. I cant find usage per core with riva tuner
  8. but im looking at the riva tuner and that was already recorded on my video the ram usage and cpu usage and ram
  9. Okay ill enable that via riva tuner and keep u updated thank you sir for helping me!
  10. What do you mean by system usage? U mean cpu usage and gpu usage?
  11. To be honest with you as long like you said my pc is good and its not a hardware issue im good. Right? As long as its the game
  12. this map i get shitty fps and ther'es another map i get shitty fps as well forgot the name of it but most of the other maps im good and i average between 100 fps to 150.
  13. I fully understand what your saying but is that me or the game. I dont care if the game is broken it's just a new build and i wanna make sure my hardware is good