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  1. charbel1011

    32gb or 16gb? and what ram?

    I just noticed you said aorus pro not master but ehh all same crap. I wasn't sure to be honest with you what was broken but i 99% suspect it was the motherboard the fact the leds wasn't on. But i filled an rma for both cpu and motherboard. since they are still under warranty.
  2. charbel1011

    32gb or 16gb? and what ram?

    okay thank you
  3. charbel1011

    32gb or 16gb? and what ram?

    i know this is off topic but since you mentioned you have the aorus pro. I had a very bad luck with this board so far. I bought it from newegg. Like 3 days ago i paid 30$ shipping to get it the next day with my i9 9900k, because i was excited. hooked everything up and nothing worked. all my fans and aio worked properly but no display. Spent the whole night trying to troubleshoot the problem with no luck. So i start going through the manual and it turned out this board has a small led indicator at the bottom next to the case connectors where it tells you exactly what the problem is. and in that case it was my cpu. because the cpu light was on and i had no display at all. so i filled a replacement for both the cpu and the motherboard. and after i removed the cpu i noticed some bent pins on the motherboard cpu socket. So i wasn't sure if i got it like that or i did it myself. But this is not the the first time i build a pc. I did it millions of times already for people and for me as well. And to top it off the leds of the motherboard like the RGB stuff and the other lights wasn't working as well when i turned my pc on. The leds will turn automaticly when u hooked everything on right?
  4. charbel1011

    32gb or 16gb? and what ram?

    i had trident z rgb 3000mhz 16gb sold them lately thought there;s something better since im upgrading feels super dumb. because i saw there's new rams with fast speeds. like 4000mhz
  5. I am building a gaming pc my specs are the following. aorus master z390 motherboard i9 9900k cpu m.2 860 evo ssd 256gb for windows. 850 evo 1tb samsung evga rtx 2080 ti I am still not sure about the rams. Any help will be appreciated like what brand should i go with and etc...
  6. charbel1011

    Help needed.

    Yes but what about the type 3 and type 4 cables the Rm use type 3 and the the rmx use type 4.
  7. charbel1011

    Help needed.

    iv been using them for a year and yes cablemod sent me the 24 pin the right one.But since i upgraded my system since then i don't wanna break anything. or fry anything since i upgraded the psu as well from rm650x to rm850x. i dont know if i should keep using them
  8. charbel1011

    Help needed.

    So i bought this https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIAA6P6XB0167 a while ago and i made a mistake as my psu is the rmx and not the rm series now i read that the rmx series has different set of cables now im worried because i don't wanna fry the system it's expensive. So should i go and buy another cablemod set? because the cables i have type 3 and the one with rmx are type 4
  9. charbel1011

    How to install the i9 9900k.

    Anyone know why do people keep the black cover till the end?
  10. Anyone know where i can find a video to install the i9 9900k the correct way?
  11. charbel1011

    New psu

    So i bought yesterday the Rm850x from newegg and when i installed it it has some kind of smell. Is this normal for a new psu?
  12. charbel1011

    Z390 rams?

    Is there any specific rams i need to look for because i have the asus z390? Because i have the trident z the rgb one but those i was using on my z370 board. So not sure.
  13. charbel1011

    New build no display?

    tv no ? im using it on my monitor is the asus pg348q 100hz. that monitor been working perfectly yesterday on my old build.i tried literally every single thing i could've think of nothing is working. my pc seems to run perfectly fine i see all the fans running rams lights are on. my aio running as well I don't get it. I tried to use the integrated graphicc from the motherboard via hdmi still nothing
  14. charbel1011

    New build no display?

    I just did still no display. I dont get it what am i doing wrong.