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    Linus Meets Linus

    I propose Linus Sebastian interview Linus Torvalds. real company stuff. same name same industry #SameNameMeme especially after dreamhack.
  2. mirddes

    This Chinese Motherboard Shows Intel LIED...

    What is the maximum ram? 2x16GB ECC? More?
  3. i have a 3.1ghz pentium LGA1150 with a GTX750tisc. 8GB ram, windows 7, trial version of softxpand. have played STALKER COP with 2 players on one machine in a LAN environment with other players. pretty much no lag except while the other player is loading into the map. an i3 would be your best best or a 6core amd. its surprising how good a cheap video card is, the comptuer in the lounge only has an amd r7240, its pretty decent. it really depends on what gmaes you want to be playing multiseat. just remember softxpand doesnt let you upgrade your CPU without repaying the license fee.