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  1. For pro work use xeons on ecc ram. Even much more powerful setup like this...
  2. nope - it was purely compatibility issue for custom 11 way terminal. Cost was super high for prototype.
  3. These are not EK waterblocks - these are my production custom waterblocks. EK are only on CPUs.
  4. Octane Render fastest machine Octane Render Benchmark - https://render.otoy.com/octanebench/results.php No OC, stock boost 1911mhz on core (with OC score would be around 2300, but I must learn how to OC on linux first
  5. This is my custom production parallel terminal. Temps across gpus are 35-50C under full load (25C at idle, 24C ambient) and temps do depend on a room ventilation. 2kW of power draw dissipate lots of heat.
  6. Surely cost matters but companies are not willing to sell parts only and then cost is above 5k for an empty box. The best option I found so far is http://www.cyclone.com/products/expansion_backplanes/pcie2-428436.php but this must wait for my next 20+ gpu build.
  7. Thank you. I know this company, as others that produce backplanes - these are definitely not an option. X10RDX is around 500$ which is a fraction of a cost of a ready rack solution - and I have to watercool gpus to avoid heat transfer and get a silent machine.
  8. We have to avoid heavy lags using over the network rendering. This machine is not for network rendering. If you give me amobo that supports 20 GPus I will take it now