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  1. Is g-sync that important? something like this looks great and I think it's not max-q (isn't that lower performance?) https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834155064&ignorebbr=1 but im kind of a laptop noob so please tell me if im wrong EDIT: other sites have the MSI listed as max-q, still don't know how big of a performance hit that is though
  2. Hi, I'm looking to buy a gaming laptop, I travel a fair amount for work and need something I can take with me. I live and work in the US for prices/availability I'm looking to spend up to 3000$ but less is always better, screen size can be 15-17in and would prefer it not to be a 10lb brick, but if that's the best laptop I'll deal with it I'm not particularly worried about battery life as it's mostly going to be plugged in at hotel rooms, I'm more so looking for performance, with a good display. I play a mix of fps/moba/strategy/action games so 144hz would be nice as well, I can upgrade it with more RAM and SSD myself if it saves me anything
  3. Iskirra

    Monitor flashing solid colors

    Checked the other ports (should have been the first thing I did) and it works in another and the other monitor doesn't work in the same port this one wasn't working in, so port is dead/dying
  4. Hi, this is what its doing, not my video http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nefzdN8mpuU so my monitor is flashing solid colors full screen for about 1second each when plugged into my desktop. I do have a triple monitor setup and the other two work with this one plugged in still. It works when plugged into my laptop though, gpu dying? specs below. Monitor Qnix 1440p Desktop I5-2500k (slight oc) Sapphire tri-x 290 (no oc) 8gb DDR3 256 SSD More info can be given if asked but the system has been built for quite a few years outside of gpu. Laptop Sager with 680m I believe. Also just updated AMD drivers to make sure that wasn't it, any help would be appreciated thank you! When it's plugged in and flashing, if I remote in the actual desktop is still there even though it is flashing