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  1. I always struggle to find games that seem interesting on mobiles. So many are junk where you need to buy their ultra special secret currency and buy this and that and this and no thanks!
  2. Hi guys! thinking about upgrading my surface pro (2017) in the next year or so for a combination of professional, and personal reasons. I'll lay out what i'm really liking, and what i'm really not: What i like: Full desktop system - my computer encountered a problem with a faulty part around a year after i bought the surface pro. i just plugged my monitor to my surface, and a USB hub, and then from the USB hub i used my full keyboard + mouse + Monitor and headphones like nothing had changed, just couldn't really game on it until the part was fixed. Full desktop systems are great! the surface pen - A tablet with a good stylus is a must. Between client signatures on things that can accept digital signatures, light work with it, and my personal hobby of trying and failing to draw well, i wouldn't trade the stylus away the surface pro's keyboard is pretty good to type on, i enjoy it. I like having USB type A port because i handle USBs a fair bit and losing USB type A would be a bit of a pain Good front camera , i use the webcam a lot What i don't like: Weight - the surface pro seems a bit too big+heavy for me to comfortably maneuver sometimes as a tablet. As a laptop obviously no complaints. Sometimes it struggles transitioning between tablet and laptop mode - i really hate when it misinterprets what i want and flips the screen orientation at the wrong moment. Windows 10 is just annoying to work with as a tablet at times. Multi tasking in tablet mode is hard for me on the surface pro Sometimes my palm gets picked up as an input by the surface pro. Not sure if this is my fault or the computers Rear camera - i don't care! i'm not an old lady that holds their whole tablet up to record things! what's important to me not mentioned: Battery life - I'm okay with needing to plug these bad boys in to handle a full day. but i would generally like 5+ hours of intense use. currently my surface pro (2017) is short of this target. This might just be the battery having degraded over time though Beautiful display is a huge plus.. i can take a worse display if i have to, but a nice display would be good. What i use my current surface for: Watching things in tablet mode on the morning commute Drawing / sketching in tablet mode Taking notes in client meetings, written + typed depending on what i want to do. Demonstrating things to clients with the tablet, highlighting key things etc. Very happy to hand it to them so they can look at things, sign things etc. light productivity - MS word, excel most commonly used. I use outlook for email web cam used for calls with both clients and friends. Please, throw suggestions at me!
  3. i use a clear plastic case + Tempered glass screen protector. i want to preserve the looks of my phone without covering it up, but don't want drop damage. After i damaged my last phone despite being really careful, accidents can just happen sometimes. Best to pay to protect a $2,200 AUD phone.
  4. I'll echo Numlock, if you can wait patiently, Apple is guaranteed to make a 5g phone either next model, or the one after (probably the 12). Then you can get the flagship model with 5g and you wont have to worry about upgrading, and it'll honestly last you. I've been very impressed with the longevity of my friends iphones, which is partially what made me get an 11 pro max. I would upgrade if next years models 5g offers an amazing step up and there is coverage around me, but ill probably wait 2+ years for it Can you explain what good battery life means to you? For me, i use my phone pretty intensely, so i sprung for the best battery life i could get. Good battery life for someone who uses apps that use less power might find different phones to have good battery life that i'd not.
  5. To elaborate, that battery life (one of my #1 priorities) along with the more petty reason of no headphone jack and no bundled earphones + no adaptor. It just rubs me the wrong way because i do care about having those things in the box rather than buying them separately. I really appreciated the s8+'s akg earphones for example. The iPhone's earphones will probably disappoint compared to those but at least theyre still in the box. I dont like the lack of headphone jack, but its like a level 3 concern to me. My ideal phone would have one, but one of my other front runners the note 10+ lacks one and i was prepared to compromise on it I guess when the pixel has sold itself on its camera experience and i could pick a flagship at random that has cameras "good enough" for me and then you throw on these other things it cant push past the front runners of the note 10, s10 and iphone 11 to me. Very solid point about 5g though. I had not actually considered the battery life implications. That and i have to wait at least a year to use it effectively anyway due to the roll out process tp cover my area.
  6. Heh, Pixel ruled out forever! I think i will spring for the iphone pro max. I spent a fair bit looking up battery tests to triple check between the 11 pro and the pro max where they stood in relation to the samsungs i know. the 11 pro just doesnt stack up like the max does. I went into the Apple store on my lunch break and held my old s8+ against the pro max and it was hard to tell the difference, especially as ive been using a bulkier case than usual on my s8 too that was gifted to me. Thanks for all the help!
  7. wow, i've been recommended the pixel before by someone but that's enouhg to kill my interest in it forever! General question to everyone with an iphone 11 pro max or similiar sized phone - has it ever felt too big for you or do you get used to it?
  8. so, unfortunately my phone has died on me. I need to pick a new one and would love some advice because for the life of me... phone offerings seem almost identical these days. Not only that, but my phone must have died at an inconvenient time with the 5g offerings not ready to take off yet. buying a 5g phone would mean waiting over a year for the network to actually reach me, and by that time better phones would be out! Argh! I've been considering as the strongest contenders the iphone 11 pro/pro max (really punching above its weight in battery), the S10 or S10+ (Basically, just mindlessly grabbing the next samsung in a 2 year cycle because its reliable), and the Note 10/+ (The stylus is an interesting thing. i may prefer it and it may spur me on to being able to do certain tasks like excel much better, and taking notes easier. but at the same time, i might just end up ignoring it) previous phones used - Iphone 4, S6 edge, S8+. i considered all 3 pretty positive experiences things most important to me in a phone: Battery life - the king of all concerns Connectivity (5g would be a huge draw for me... if Australia had any 5g coverage to speak of) mobile hotspot - i don't know if this is industry standard or not, i couldn't do it until my s8+ but i do it extremely often for my surface pro's benefit. I very much like having this feature. Secondary (nice to have, but i can make sacrifices): Good availability of games and time wasters, i have regular 1 hour commutes since i work in the city but live out in the suburbs. As far as i know the main thing here is apple app store vs google play store, long term reliability - i don't like it when phones slow down over time, it annoys me, i want as close to the new out of the box experience for as long as possible, if at all possible Privacy - I'm not going to shoot myself in the foot, everyones spying on users and selling their info, but i'd like to avoid whoever the very worst information harvesters are... I'd like some kind of decent backup system, i dont really back up my phone right now and that has caused me a bit of woe losing some photos when my phone died. Things i actively didin't like about the s8+ Handling the phone has gotten a lot harder with size. Part of me wonders if i have gone too big on my phone. But the other part says "with more size comes more battery" . i am in a seriously difficult spot where part of me wants to take a step back on the size and see if that makes using my phone more easy and enjoyable BIXBY BUTTON - i have never used the phone assistants, i doubt i will ever use them. the amount of times i accidentally hit the bixby button and interupted what i was doing was very high Battery life woes - Ignoring the times that i use mobile hotspot (the great battery guzzler), i just can't get through days of heavy use. the problem is significantly worse on uni days because if i have an hour commute to uni (using phone), time during classes and breaks i might use my phone, either for actual work or slacking off, time using mobile hotspot for my surface pro, time using it on the way home etc. These days it is impossible to survive. i mitigate it a bit with battery saver but that seems to make my beautiful s8 laggy and not as good to use. Days out with the girlfriend will generally use a fair bit of charge, and work days the least. I wouldnt mind some decent phone games either but i can't make it through a day without gaming let alone with some phone games My phone seems to have slowed down fairly significantly over time. For example, if i'm on battery saver and someone calls me while i'm typing a message, for about 5 seconds before a call the keyboard starts lagging badly, its a funny early warning system. other times it can get a bit choppy in battery saver mode at other times. Overall i'd say my experience with the s8+ has been positive, hopefully these points help recommending a phone thanks guys. i have no particular brand loyalty either way, i just want the best experience i can get
  9. so my target goal for games is 3440x1440p 120fps (to match my monitor) ive been running a Gigabyte 1080TI until it had an unfortunate, sudden death. Not sure why. So i'm taking it back to the store since its still well within warranty for a refund. A new 2080TI right now goes for about $400 AUD (280 USD) over what i'll get back from returning it. (Specifically - MSI Ventus OC and Asus RTX 2080TI Dual, and Dual Advanced, and the Gigabyte Windforce all are at this price point of about +280 USD~ give or take another $50-70) So, should i spring for a 2080TI upgrade or would i be better served by grabbing an upper end 2080 like the EVGA XC, Asus STRIX, or equivalent for equal to, or less than i paid for my 1080TI
  10. So i already have: a case a 1080ti (Gigabyte AORUS) a 750w power supply from EVGA Storage (250gb SSD, 500gb SSD, 2TB harddrive) Monitors peripherals 16gb of DDR4 3000mhz ram that a friend sold me recently because i am upgrading What i need is a good motherboard and CPU for the build as my last motherboard has died and i needed to upgrade my CPU anyway. i am from Australia so things need to be priced in AUD which makes it a bit tighter than if it was in USD. the current CPU i have my eye on is a 3700x, i am happy to go higher, go intel, or go lower based on recommendations. as long as its within budget. Any excess budget will probably be used on some random extras like a m.2 ssd
  11. Where do you fall? like small phones or prefer them phablet style?
  12. I looked through these, many are marked to be not working or with things like " “Item was found in a box in a storage unit, I have no way to test it or really know how. That is why ", and many others say "Does not ship to Australia"
  13. hey guys, back in December i took my ageing computer which had a bad power supply and was not performing and bought a new PSU and upgraded my two GTX 970s to a GTX 1080TI which has been a lot better for my 3440x1440 monitor. the system was: Maximus VII hero 8gb ram 4790k GTX 1080TI Antec High Current Gamer 850w (only one they had in stock when i went, boy what a mistake i made) However - i made a big big mistake on the power supply. i got Antec High Current mixed up with High Current Gamer. It's been only about 2 months and the power supply died and it has taken my motherboard, and god knows what else with it. After taking my power supply out i did the paperclip test to see if the power supply was still live - nothing. So i bought a new EVGA G2 power supply (i am sorry EVGA i will never buy another brand) and plugged it in... only for my computer to not power on at all beyond some LEDs on the motherboard. No beeps, no POST codes on the LED screen on the board. As far as i can tell, my power supply dying has killed my motherboard. i am beyond livid that Antec's terrible PSU killed my system within 2 months of purchase after many years of solid use out of my old EVGA one that went gracefully when it died and didn't break anything on the way out. Now my motherboard is too old for warranty, its a maximus VII hero that isn't even sold anymore, i can't find it on any sites. i can't get a new one. I had been waiting to upgrade my whole system to a Ryzen 3700x setup in the middle of the year because i knew my computer was getting on in years and i wanted to rebuild it (obviously keeping my new gpu). Now i'm in a massive pickle, i would have to wait months and months and months for the ryzen 3700x and i don't know what to do. i am not even sure of how many parts i lost when the power supply went. Should i buy a new motherboard and see if i can get my system running as is? should i just put aside my old parts and make the jump to an AMD board, DDR4 RAM and a budget AMD CPU and then try to sell that CPU and upgrade to the 3700x later? I don't know what to do. my budget i guess would be between $500-800 AUD
  14. so the setup would be: AW3418DW on the bottom, this monitor could either be free standing or mounted on a monitor arm, i don't mind which. the dimensions of which are 81.345cm wide, 36.368cm tall with a weight of 7.27kg on the top of the stack would be the Dell U3415W which is 82.47cm and 40.87cm tall and weighs 8.44kg. This one would need a monitor arm. the AW3418DW would go as low as possible in any case to facilitate this. I feel like a monitor stack would be more productive than two ultrawides side by side which would involve a lot of side to side head movement if i needed to see all the way from one side to the other whereas vertically i can look up instead to the secondary monitor.
  15. im really curious where statements like "jet fighter pilots cant discern 240hz" comes from. Because as far as i know nobody has ever taken a bunch of jet fighter pilots and made them compare 144hz to 240hz. This sounds like a statement you have pulled from a place the sun doesn't shine