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    Intel Core i7 4770k
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    MSI z97 Gaming 5
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    8GB G.Skill Trident X
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 750Ti
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    Corsair Vengeance C70
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  1. Hi all, I was cleaning out some files from my file system, and found that Windows had created me a second user folder for my Microsoft based user account on my laptop. It was named "Logan Local" and only contains a single .dat file named "ntuser.dat". Does anybody know what this was for and if it safe to delete? I have attached screenshots of the folder, and it's contents so you can better understand what I'm seeing. There is only one user account on this computer and it is my linked Microsoft account.
  2. Good idea. Don't know how you'd execute the plan, though. Maybe have a water cooling loop that can be activated during the summer and air-cooling for the winter? For the box, I would use wood (due to it's sturdyness) and use rubber gasket seals around any openings to avoid leakage.
  3. He restarted his computer. It seems to be working now. Thanks for all your help!
  4. It's a Minecraft Server he's playing on. He's playing on my server and nobody else is having this issue.
  5. Core i3 4005u* 4500u is an i7.
  6. They will, but the length is my problem. I can't close the case unless it is long enough to route properly
  7. Hi all, I am having some trouble with my new server that I purchased off of eBay last week. I purchased a Dell Poweredge R610, except it did not come with any form of RAID card. I purchased a PERC 6 card on eBay as well, however the cables it came with are too short. I am either unable to close the case because the cable's are too short to be run nicely and just drag across the heatsinks and memory, or I have to remove the sixth fan to run the cables through the hole. While that method works, it causes the rest of the fans to go unbearably nuts. I've currently been searching for new SAS cables on eBay, but I can't tell which ones will work for the R610, because all the ones I've found have been listed "for R610 and R710" which can not be correct because I was told by somebody else that the cables for the R710 are shorter and will not work. I just want to know, what is the actual part number for the SAS cables that do work for the Poweredge R610, and if possible the length of the cables. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Aexiro Also, if you take a look at my picture, you can see what I mean. Don't let it fool you, it looks like it could be long enough, however I promise you, it is not.
  8. Hi guys, I've been working for a few house and I've finally finished building the LTT warehouse! I didn't finish the interior yet, but let me know what you guys think!
  9. Help! I bought this MSI z97 Gaming 5 motherboard a little over a year ago and only used it for some time until I switched to x79. I just recently went back to that motherboard when I upgraded my CPU, and redid my case which meant that I am now using fan headers I didn't before. The problem is, one of them didn't work. It doesn't say any fan is connected to it and detects the RPM as 0. I thought it was a dead fan since the one I connected to it was never ran, so I connected it to the next closest fan header, fan header "CPU 2" directly above it on the top of the motherboard, a straight shot, and it didn't power the fan either. I figured it was then definitely a dead fan (because what are the chances that both fan headers I used to test the fan are dead) and replaced the fan with the old one. Still nothing! I lightly touched the pins together with a screwdriver and there was a spark, so it is still getting power somehow? I think it may be a problem with the capacitor and I want to avoid taking my system out of commission and sending my motherboard to MSI because that will take quite a while and I have to pay the $80 shipping fee. The fan headers are directly across from each other vertically. The one is on the bottom right of the motherboard and the other is on the top right. I really don't see why they would be broken, since I don't ever think I used the one, and I know that I never used the other one. Any help or suggestions will help, I have a teacher that works with electronics and capacitors, so if I'm able to figure out the possible cause, and parts involved, I'm sure he would help me replace it that way I don't go taking a hot solder iron to my $170 motherboard. I attached a generic picture of the motherboard with the fan headers highlighted. The ones involved are the ones closest to the right edge of the motherboard, on the top and bottom. The one in between those two works just fine.
  10. Nevermind, the hotspot I was using to test my external IP blocks it. My friends are able to connect.
  11. canyouseeme says that my external IP with port 25565 attached is open. I still cant connect to my Minecraft server using my external IP. Help?
  12. Hi there, I am going on a 6 hour flight this year and I plan to bring my laptop. I have not been on a flight in around 10 years, so I'm not familiar with the current rules. First off, I want to know if I can pack my laptop in my checkpoint-safe carry on, and pack that bag into my carry on duffle bag. Basically, fitting my laptop in its bag inside of my larger bag for other stuff. I don't know if checkpoint will allow this, so if anybody has tried this, could you give me some feedback? Also, I want to know what airlines have Wi-Fi available and if possibly a power outlet so that I can plug my MSI PX-60 in for the 6 hour flight to charge it's hardly 1 hour lasting battery. I would like to keep myself occupied for the length of the flight. I am also concerned that with it being a 15 inch laptop, it may be too big for the trays and/or even my lap? I can't remember how big the trays are. If anybody can provide helpful feedback, that'd be appreciated. Much thanks, Aexiro Just as a note: I'm flying from the United States within the United States.