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  1. alright, checked some Node builds on YouTube and ended up going with the Corsair Hydro H60 and got myself also a Fractal Design Silent R3 so that I get it a bit quieter and match all the other case fans cheers for all for the replies!
  2. U9s is not available at the store where I get all my bits. long story but I only buy from this one place due to their ridiculously customer friendly return policy
  3. you mean remove the heatsink fan facing the one at the back of the case, right?
  4. hi guys, I'm doing a 1151 gaming mini-ITX and even though I got myself the Noctua NH-U9B SE2, from stuff I've checked online it's gonna be a tight fit with the fan in the back of the Node 304. I could remove one of the 2 fans in the Noctua or remove the case fan but I'm not big on the idea. Now, 9/10 builds I see in the Node 304 seem to go with a closed loop water cooling solution and I have to admit that on mini-ITX boards air coolers, even the small ones, seem to cover a huge amount of space over the board as opposed to water cooling solutions that look a bit neater. So here is my question since I am a total noob at water cooling: What is a space efficient and super quiet closed loop water cooler which would a) go with the 1151 and b) run as silent as possible aka the quiet kid on the block? Thanks in advance
  5. Bahal

    Post your future rig plans!

    http://de.pcpartpicker.com/p/LW8wsY here's the thing tho: wanted a 1440p, 3D-ready (secretly hoped for IPS) monitor. was psyched to discover the ROG Swift despite the TN panel but then was gutted to find out G-Sync only does displayport 1.2 so the damn thing has no HDMI so I could hook up my consoles. on top, it has no scaling so that I could use an adapter. my Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii were recently evicted from the living room after PS4 became the last aesthetic drop for my wife and I still got a bunch of games I haven't even started so yeah, the monitor is probably going to be the last thing to buy and will secretly hope for some miracle in the next couple of months from some monitor manufacturer. ROG Swift though is so damn sexy looking with the thin bezel and the absence of shiny plastic
  6. Bahal

    Making Asus ROG Swift PG278Q work with PS4

    just answering to myself here. did a bit of searching and apparently other people tried the converter mentioned in prissweb's post with no luck. best guess for the fail is the 1920x1200 resolution support limit. it's driving me crazy, there's got to be a solution
  7. Bahal

    Making Asus ROG Swift PG278Q work with PS4

    prissweb, did you actually try the hdmi2dp converter? dont mind switching cables but before spending I'd like to know that it actually works, did you try?