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  1. The only thing stopping me from getting the same monitor, is a 34” Alienware monitor. But my indecisiveness aside, the VG27AQ is a decent choice.
  2. Where i live the XB271HU ($899-1000) is priced significantly higher than the VG27AQ ($699) so the Asus option is a no brainer for me. In you country Acer probably adjusted their prices to match the current market knowing well that 144hz 1440p monitor prices are dropping (as seen with the new LG also costing around US$400), however, acer is probably still using the same technology over 2 years ago. But then again, with numerous reviews for an older model, it can provide better QC which is a good thing. Not much is known about the VG27AQ yet. I guess what you should be concerned with right now with a 10 euro difference is the customer support service should something happen (or has a longer warranty period).
  3. I don't currently own the monitor but most of the problems i've read state that there are no FPS drops, but the game just stutters when they play in 21:9 aspect ratio: Anyone that owns an ultrawide and can report if the issue still exists?
  4. Asus recently released: VG27AQ: 27" 1440p IPS, 1ms, 155hz (or maybe 165hz, conflicting marketing), G-Sync, --> https://www.asus.com/Monitors/TUF-Gaming-VG27AQ/ VG27BQ: 27" 1440p TN, 0.4ms (why not 0.5 beats me), 155hz (or maybe 165hz, conflicting marketing), FreeSync, --> https://www.asus.com/Monitors/TUF-Gaming-VG27BQ/ They are both new and one of the cheapest options out there (especially the IPS version). Linus's recent review on the VG27AQ stated an MSRP of US$400ish. It's a very simple monitor which does its job, no curve, non of that unnecessary RGB, however, because it's so simple it also lacks USB ports and speakers.
  5. Thinking of getting the dell AW3418DW. I saw some forums stating stutter issues with csgo with the 21:9 aspect ratio. Is the problem still occurring till now? May consider retaining 16:9 if that's the case.
  6. My sound card seems decent enough, for mainly gaming and some music listening sessions (I’m not a major audiophile in any way).
  7. Interesting. But yeah, they’re rare, I assume finding something like this for a ryzen 3000 build is going to be difficult.
  8. I have DT990 and HD598. The onboard audio struggles to even drive the HD598. I’m currently using a AE-5
  9. So, i'm trying to decide which way to go. I currently have an ATX build with a sound card installed but it's a bit too clunky for my taste, so in the coming months i'm going to build a new PC that's either mATX or ITX. The problem is i'm torn, because while the ITX allows me to have a smaller build, the lack of PCI-e slots means i will need to get an external sound card, the cost of buying it doesn't concern me, but its the quality of an external card vs internal. Is there a difference in say a creative AE-7/AE-5 vs the SBX G6.
  10. Does anyone have the combination of an ATX X570 mobo with 4 sticks of Dom Plats with a 212 evo. Any clearance issue with 4 sticks?
  11. So i'm a little confused about Ryzen 3000 and its memory compatibility. If i have a motherboard QVL compatible 2x8GB (or even 2x16GB) kit and in the future i want to add the same kit, is there a problem here? I understand using 4 Dimms puts more stress on the memory controller, but that aside i don't intend to do serious memory overclocking. Will adding 2x(2x8GB) kits be that much different from adding 1x(4x8GB) kit, will the clock speeds or performance be affected in anyway.
  12. This has probably been asked a lot but i've been wondering because with PCIe 4.0 out, we have seen manufacturers like Corsair, Gigabyte, Sabrent (maybe more soon) put custom heatsinks on their Gen4 NVMes. Some X570 motherboards (basically all the higher end boards) have huge one piece shields that cover all the m.2 slots which then makes it impossible to use NVMes with custom heatsinks. Are those motherboard heatsinks capable of efficient heat dissipation? Do manufacturers put a significantly larger heatsink because Gen4 NVMes really need the cooling?
  13. Has anyone owned either of the two types of keycaps? I intend to get white keycaps. Vortex's PBT version has translucent engravings to allow the LED lights to shine through. From what i know, Ducky's PBT version are fully opaque. My question is, are the RGB lightings still able to shine through the opaque PBT keycaps from Ducky, is the light really dim.
  14. I see, but the main question should be whether an i7 with 980/390x is more worth it than an i5 with 980Ti. Albeit the i5 w/ 980Ti would cost slightly more, its about which setup gives better price/performance.