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  1. ALazyMeme

    Battleye Corrupted Memory Error

    Hi all I was getting the issue mentioned in the title; the solution I found was to disable services relating to your motherboard. I disabled the asuscom service, but I believe lightingservice and nahamic service may have contributed. Give the asuscom service a disable first and see if you need to disable the others.
  2. ALazyMeme

    GTX 1080 Ti scam?

    Negative. No evidence that it's a scam.
  3. ALazyMeme

    GTX 1080 Ti scam?

    It doesn't get better than this. $350AUD that is btw
  4. ALazyMeme

    Where can I info on youtube videos?

    I believe that with spotify premium that you can increase the bitrate.
  5. ALazyMeme

    Where can I info on youtube videos?

    Your best bet would be to use the stats for nerds and see what the playback bitrate is. What information are you looking for exactly? Is it with making your own youtube videos? I may be of help; being someone who has actually made videos before at a really good quality with low file sizes
  6. ALazyMeme

    RMA Replacement Dead Motherboard?

    I'll try it again, but I don't hold high hopes
  7. ALazyMeme

    RMA Replacement Dead Motherboard?

    1. Already done. 2. Already done 3. Already done
  8. So...here's the story: Motherboard stopped working, got it RMA'd, got a replacement and now I'm dealing with AMI Beep Codes of 6 short and 8 short. Looked it up and it made no sense to me. Is it my fault? Or is it DOA? Fatality Gaming K4 B350 ASRock AMD Ryzen 1600 EVGA GTX 1070 SC2 (I think) Contrary to the beep codes being a video memory issue, these beeps happen whether there's a gpu installed or not.
  9. ALazyMeme

    0x0124 BSOD Error

    Confirmation: it's chrome. Doesn't happen in edge at all
  10. ALazyMeme

    0x0124 BSOD Error

    Also making a note that it appears to be working in edge Could just be chrome, idk. We'll see
  11. ALazyMeme

    0x0124 BSOD Error

    Just watched a YouTube video, I'm not 100% on it. But it reckons that changing the maximum processor state in the power options might fix it. Idk, I'm just gonna keep looking Just changed the power plan to high performance tho
  12. ALazyMeme

    0x0124 BSOD Error

    Neglected to mention that it worked fine in safe mode, so I'm fairly sure it's a driver issue. Just not sure which one....
  13. ALazyMeme

    0x0124 BSOD Error

    I was trying to see what I could get from BSV, but am not sure how to read dumps...
  14. ALazyMeme

    0x0124 BSOD Error

    It's usually variable when it happens, sometimes it'll happen 5min into the stream, sometimes 5 seconds. bsod 0x0124 dump.txt