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  1. Pixel Book looks like dual-boot Linux heaven. Looks.
  2. FPSwithaWacomTablet

    Nvidia Buys Mellanox [Updated]

    Welcome to systems-on-chip, where the embedded space has been enjoying it for years. Considering that Xilinx and Intel-Altera have been strapping ARM CPUs beside their FPGAs (Zynq and Cyclone SoCs come to mind), I don't see a conceptual issue strapping a Linux-capable CPU right beside a full nVidia GPU through some proprietary interconnect. Heck, nVidia's Tegra CPU might even play a role in such a possible development. (I am in a uni course where we play around with such SoCs; check the Terasic DE1-SoC evaluation board for more info).
  3. FPSwithaWacomTablet

    Intel CPUs afflicted with simple spec-exec vulnerability

    Here I am watching how to make C less dangerous to the kernel. No OS would be born without it:
  4. Uhh, USB over Thunderbolt? Have they fixed Thunderbolt's IOMMU issue?
  5. FPSwithaWacomTablet

    Intel Confirms: Macs to switch to ARM by 2020.

    You can take the x86 instruction set (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X86_instruction_listings), and implement your own CPU datapath, say in Verilog/VHDL. Heck you could do it in RISC if you really wanted to. If Intel did that to their chips while maintaining binary compatibility, I wouldn't doubt it so much either.
  6. FPSwithaWacomTablet

    Boeing develops Skynet fighter jet

    I recall hearing from an IBM conference recently that they have tiny explosives on the PSU cables, since even turning off a server PSU is too slow for an emergency shutdown. Usually found on their recent IBM mainframes.
  7. FPSwithaWacomTablet

    Boeing develops Skynet fighter jet

    This came to mind:
  8. FPSwithaWacomTablet

    FTC to hold public workshop on the ethics of loot boxes

    I am looking at you, Love Live.... I mean for a music/rhythm game, there's a LOT of gatcha elements in it. And the fact that you consume "hearts" (think tokens in arcade games) and face a cooldown timer when playing a song really dampens the experience without shelling more cash. It's decent for a rhythm game, but I'd rather pay once for song packs rather than pay for "hearts" everytime I play a song.
  9. $43k builds you a cluster of computers.
  10. FPSwithaWacomTablet

    Microsoft employees protest against Hololens military contract

    From my random talks with friends, I recall: - Vacuum tubes were produced for radar detection and code-breaking, powering primitive computers. That led to computers that we use today. It is also what gave rise to Silicon Valley, contrary to popular belief. - Silicon quality used to be terrible until there was a military incentive to improve them, mainly for missile guidance systems. Now CPUs can be mass produced better than ever. - ARPANET was a failsafe network in case of nuclear war. We now enjoy it as the Internet. - HUD on pilot helmets were a thing long before Hololens, which is a primitive form of augmented reality. These massive technologies we enjoy were initially funded through government contracts with military incentive. This boosts a company's R&D capability, producing IP that it can later use for commercial purposes. Only then can those companies can sell those technologies to civilians like us, after declassification. As to the employees' issue with Microsoft agreeing to a military contract, I think would be detrimental to us getting to enjoy VR/AR in the future.
  11. Oh damn, my keypad is called the 8-Pack...
  12. FPSwithaWacomTablet

    Samsung Announces The Galaxy S10 Trio

    Damn... These oughta be Chromebooks at this point. Too much power IMO.
  13. FPSwithaWacomTablet

    Logitech MX518 rerelease feb. 19

    Please send links to those mouse shells. I would like to 3D print them.
  14. FPSwithaWacomTablet

    Logitech MX518 rerelease feb. 19

    To be expected. Why would one stuff the last recently used sensor, the ADNS 3095, into a modern mouse?
  15. FPSwithaWacomTablet

    Logitech MX518 rerelease feb. 19

    I've been hunting for a brand new G400s for a while now. This shall be a suitable replacement. The mouse shell is far too comfortable in my hands. There also might be a possible mablet v3 video when it happens.