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    I7 3770k
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    Asus MVE
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    GEIL 4x4 2666Mhz
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    Quad CF Asus 7970 dc2t
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    Two EVGA 1000 G2
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    full custom water cooling

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  1. Project AXE-R [scratch build]

    Another episode in which we are familiar with the work of electronics that opens the front glass
  2. Project AXE-R [scratch build]

    Work on electronics...
  3. Project AXE-R [scratch build]

    In this episode, my brother Nemanja explains which additional electronics we will put into the project (translation is in CC)
  4. "OdySSey" project

    Fuel for Cosmos
  5. Project AXE-R [scratch build]

    New episode, series related to the development of the AX-R project, this time we travel to Slovenia to visit Atila, who works in EKWB
  6. Project AXE-R [scratch build]

    4 Masterfan PRO fan packages have arrived, thank you Cooler Master!
  7. "OdySSey" project

    Thank you, camera is Canon EOS 7D with 50mm 1.8 STM Thank you, It's not always easy for me, but with a lot of planning and testing I manage to get this ideal position.
  8. "OdySSey" project

    Two EKWB 420 radiators with CM PP fan system is inserted
  9. Project AXE-R [scratch build]

    Preparing and assembling hexa cover
  10. Project AXE-R [scratch build]

  11. "OdySSey" project

    ROG logo is done
  12. Project AXE-R [scratch build]

    All aluminum parts is powder coated, ready for assembly
  13. "OdySSey" project

    Working on acrylic parts, my friend Uros helps
  14. "OdySSey" project

    Installing the fan on the radiators in the push-pull, cabling and preparation for installation in to C700P
  15. Project AXE-R [scratch build]

    Drilling, cutting, burning, check the power, everything is OK, now go to powder coating