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    totally stuck in the retro zone
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    sleeping, spending all of my money on PC parts
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    i7 5820k (4.5 ghz at 1.31 volts)
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  1. my thoughts on the Switch thusfar:

    it's a super unique idea, executed well

    it's a tiny thing, but in Rocket League splitscreen, the left and right players' audio is piped through the left and right earbuds, respectively.

    it's inaudible when playing Rocket League on the go

    the joycon is a fantastic idea for a controller, and works well enough to make splitscreen viable

    usb-c is awesome; I can charge my laptop and my Switch from the same cables

    the 720p display is perfect imo for the Switch; games are low-res anyway, and it improves battery life tremendously

    even with just a Tegra, it feels super fast traversing through the OS

    Youtube or Netflix definitely needs to be added

    can't wait to get Odyssey



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    2. shadowbyte



      I use a 1440p panel as my main monitor, and I'm fine with a low res on such a small screen. My iPhone SE looks fantastic, imo, at 768p because the display is so small.

    3. handymanshandle



      I've never understood the genuine practicality of throwing 1440p panels in 5.5"+ phones. Honestly, 1080p works just fine in that scenario; 1440p's just a waste at that kind of pixel density.

      It's why 1136x640 (or 720p) works fine at 4" or around that range. The pixel density is definitely high enough to where anything higher is a bit of a waste.

    4. shadowbyte



      pixel density is the key word. 4k makes sense on a massive screen, but at such a small size, there's such a small difference in image quality beyond a certain threshold.