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  1. Thank you! You're comment on NASA innovation and connecting it to real world practicality was fantastic. Combined with the earlier Elon commentary I was chatting with my monitor saying "Exactly! You get it! Yes!!!!". Maybe a video on real world applications of engineering competitions of the past, NASA might be really exciting. Thanks guys!
  2. Illuminati!!!! That's awesome. I didn't know anyone else played that but me.
  3. Let's see the asynchronous compute video!
  4. Great vid. I especially liked the 90's themed clothing. Brought back great memories. Well, off to watch Bill and Ted's for some more nostalgia!
  5. Modules: - Credit card reader - Some kind of healthcare module (like star trek tricorder) - Contractor related (FLIR camera) - High speed camera (for sports performance trainers, golf swing/throwing/running/bowling analysis) - I liked the previous comment about FAA certified module. Could take this to the next step for driving car or riding a motorcycle.
  6. Great Job! Not only on the content of the review but the reviewer! I concur with previous comments of have more Brandon!
  7. Li Fi application, I'm thinking something like Star Trek.... The console display, when they attach either the "portable power" or the "data module" to download from another ship. This might work really well. You're new thumb drive, just a light receptor that you attach to your monitor. This was an awesome segment! Great work fellas.
  8. I actually really liked the bomb "spacer" sizing. Aesthetically, it is very proportional. From a far it looks like it's supposed to be that size. I also liked the exhaust vents in the top. The only thing I would say to "finish" the build would be to do something about the power supply support rods to make them blend in more and to put some kind of black mesh over the intake and exhaust holes. Then it would be really slick!
  9. I agree with DX. Mil first. In a previous life, we used the rugged Dell XFR notebooks for data link communication in an un-pressurized aircraft (Temp extremes, vibration, high drops, lots of serial accessories to plug in). I'm actually a fan of the glove friendly design, the biggest complaint I always had running it was to use the touch screen and track pad, you had to take your gloves off (It had a pointing stick that we always used instead). The "Ballistic Armor" is darn near bullet proof (it's not... trust me), but, it would take a beating and keep on moving. I loved it. Watching the video I could see all the things we always wanted in the XFR but didn't have. TopDollar, I would have loved to have an integrated smart card reader. We had to use a portable one we connected with to write new card on the fly. Too bad I don't have a use for something like that anymore.