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  1. Plex buffering issues

    I'll get a new unit soon but have no eta unfortunately.
  2. Plex buffering issues

    Well, it looks like part of the issue at least was with one of the drives. After throwing it into a windows RAID 5 on another machine, Crystal Disk Mark can now read it and it has reallocated sectors and read errors as well as two other Warns. We'll be replacing you as soon as possible.
  3. Plex buffering issues

    The only reason I think it could be the backplane is because I jabbed it with a screwdriver trying to get the drive out the first time I got it into my apartment because fedex had damaged the chasis and I couldn't get the drives out because the metal under the right ear was so malformed that i literally had to break the drive free before being able to remove the ear and mold the metal into place. I also may have played linus and dropped my R410 down two stairs twice trying to get it into my server "closet". I'll reseat the PERC card and try to reset the config and maybe even try to throw the firmware back onto it.
  4. Plex buffering issues

    I have tried with PF and DMZ separate but Plex refuses to allow external connections for some reason. I also now only have it DMZ as I use it to pivot onto other devices on my Intranet from outside my house using RDP. Outside the server on the Intranet. Hmm.. Thanks for the info. Honestly I think it could be an issue with one of three things: PERC Card (RIP the dream if that's the case) One of the 5TB drives is failing (least likely due to them working in other machines, even in software RAID 5's) Hardware inside the server (ie: backplane, SAS cables, etc.) <---- I find this one to be the most likely culprit since I can no longer create new arrays and my old array is very unstable.
  5. Plex buffering issues

    Update: No.. Connecting directly to the router does absolutely nothing for difference. Takes just as long to load and still has stuttering and constant buffering. Investigating cables and backplane and will update after tests.
  6. Plex buffering issues

    I ran a max-sized byte test using ping running simultaneously on two machines (another server and my personal computer) and it doesn't seem to be a network issue as everything averages around 1ms with it maxing out at 9ms. So internal network is good. Just to make sure tho, I will connect directly to the router and bypass my dumb switch
  7. Plex buffering issues

    Finally I have had the time to sit down and test the new server. The first result (left) is without caching enabled. The second (right) is with 8GB of DDR3 ECC RAM dedicated to PrimoCache. Plex is still having issues with or without the cache enabled so that rules that out. The 10TB array (with the plex libraries on it) for some reason is not able to be tested by Crystal DiskMark and crashes the entire system until I stop the test. The RAID 5 array is created on my PERC 7 card (512mb cache model) in Write-Through mode. I have 14GB RAM dedicated to the disk and disabling PrimoCache doesn't do anything with the speed of the system. I'm at a complete loss. Even with the system performing 100x its prior speed I am still unable to use Plex server for some reason, even on my local network. I'll attempt a RAID 0 Array with just the data on it and see where we go from there!
  8. Plex buffering issues

    Yeah through the optimize feature. I selected the "play version" option when playing the videos Yeah, I'm using a Windows Bond on the NIC's. I've tried it with and without (as mentioned in my first post) with no change in performance. I am getting some Mini-SAS to SATA cables and gonna try this again on my R410 (I just hate it because of the noise in comparison to the C1100). They're coming around the 5th so I will be able to test it then.
  9. Plex buffering issues

    Yes, the plex media player for windows which you download from their site, not the Plex Pass version from the Windows Store No. all files were transcoded/encoded beforehand by plex Yes, everything is on 10.0.2.X/24 with the server having a theoretical output/input of 2Gbits/s with the clients having 1Gbit/s
  10. Plex buffering issues

    Update: The files play fine through Plex's web app (for longer than on the desktop one)
  11. Plex buffering issues

    Update: When playing back locally (through RDP in IE) Plex will play (and buffer) the optimized version of Episode 1 of Star Trek Discovery (the exact same file I have been testing from the get-go). However when playing through the Plex app on my client machine (Windows 10 Pro) the system fails to play or buffer the video file. Video was transcoded at 720p 2.1Mbits/s using Plex.
  12. Plex buffering issues

    Looks like the cache does help after all
  13. Plex buffering issues

  14. Plex buffering issues

    Probably windows
  15. Plex buffering issues

    I'll post the info as soon as windows gets done updating because windows is garbage but I want a GUI and Ubuntu Server 18 is hot garbage that can't even use DHCP correctly.