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  1. Alright so this is a long way to do it but I got it working... Set up Crontab to download the file to the directory of your choice every day Have pev output the data to a .txt file Use PHP to parse and display the output of the text file.
  2. So the idea is to download a file onload to the server, read it's program version info and then display the version number to the website viewer. Is this possible, and if so what would it look like?
  3. Hey everyone. I'm building a server with a lot of users (expected). While a VDI-like system would be better for this application, I am moving forward with a server running ESXi and one virtual appliance which will be running the latest Ubuntu LTS. While I understand the basics of groups and users I am having issues creating a usergroup with only access to logout/disconnect (will be using RDP), chrome, and firefox. Obviously they will also need a home directory but they shouldn't be able to see anything outside that directory. So if you could help me find where I can create this in the gui or provide me the command to do it in terminal I would be very grateful. Thanks!
  4. my problem is I have never done a VDI setup. How would it work and where would I start?
  5. Would it be better to go one system with 2-3 vm's or go for one system and a VDI-like setup?
  6. That's what I'm basing the idea off of but I NEED windows 10
  7. but can I use virtual machines if I can't have multiple people logged in at the same time?
  8. Hey all, so I have tried Shadow PC for a while and it just is too expensive (yes I know the price is going down soon, but keep reading) and is just super laggy for me. When I install lag tools or VPN tools which would connect my system closer, etc (I use Zero Tier One) the whole system freezes and requires a reinstall of Windows. So my plan is this: Build a cheap server with enough horsepower to be a gaming pc with the option to stream and play decently at 1080p (I'd like 1080p, 60FPS in games like Destiny 2). So below I just need some suggestions as for what I can do: I need a server (hopefully 2U) recommendation (I like Dell, but would be willing to go with a Tower system if one could be had cheaply) I would like to have one OS and then be able to have users log in at the same time (1-3 users max) If unable, what is the best virtualization software which would allow me to pass through the GPU's without having issues Finally, I need to know what a good cheap (maybe second hand) GPU option would be for the server thanks
  9. Many thanks. I was looking into a Lenovo Yoga 730 13 for the high-end and the Lenovo Ideapad 330 15.6" for the low end. But what recommendations (exact generation ones, especially with the more expensive since I need thunderbolt 3) can you give? I am mostly looking online (eBay, Amazon, Wish, AliExpress, etc.) as I don't have a car, nor want one at this time.
  10. I'm not sure. It sounds to me that you are kinda stuck because you are unable to troubleshoot with equipment you feel "stable" enough to test with. Honestly I have seen this happen to me a couple times on my systems (Ran Xeons a couple times, they are power hogs) and one of three things happened: PSU was defective/wasn't pushing clean enough power/was hitting some sort of power cap and was unable to properly deliver power PSU cables weren't seated properly, causing a micro short which fried several components on my chipset and bridges The power load was too much and to prevent over-volting the system, it kicked off multiple times until I reduced the load this lead me to purchase a higher wattage PSU. My guess is still power delivery is messed up. If you can afford a couple (around $100 total) decent 750W units ( or a single 1500W S-Grade PSU) and test with one plugged into the GPUs and one into your board, then you should be able to better troubleshoot your issue. If it isn't the PSU, you most likely can take back the 750W units and continue your troubleshooting with other components.
  11. The only reason I ask is because rosewill has left a bad taste in my mouth with their products. If you can, I would really try powering the board with one PSU and the GPUs with another. It's jank but it should help you determine if your load is too much.
  12. Power delivery is good? (Tested with multiple PSUs?) Because according to ARK your CPU can handle up to 40 lanes of PCIe
  13. Didn't pay attention to CPU or pull it up in ARK, sorry. Have you confirmed that it isn't your top PCIe lane? IE: trying other lanes after resetting the BIOS to default?
  14. Elgato Capture Pro internal PCIe card. Get one of those, and you can have seamless passthrough straight from your GPU into the card, mirrored into your stream, then onto your actual display. Note: You want the 4K version