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  1. Ended up using the warranty at the MS store at the mall near me and got a ms surface book 2 fully optioned out. Not as good for gaming as the razer 17 pro with the 2080 in but but the keyboard is the best I’ve used on a laptop and a is a bit easier for productivity and school work then the razer laptop. Never used the razer for gaming anyway. Some may think it was a stupid choice but I actually enjoy using the touch screen and the higher resolution helps. It was a toss up between this and the asus pro due with dual screens. Didn’t like the keyboard so I decided on the surface book 2.
  2. I don’t know how my friend defends stadia and says it’s great. Couldn’t possibly be because he has fios and pays for 500mb upload and download. Completely unrealistic and stupid when he only uses it to stream games to his living room which a steam link can do far better.
  3. These types of questions along with “how do I get a girlfriend” are like a plague.
  4. I bought my acer x34p for lower then that in USD. Not sure how much of a deal this is. asus always charges more then acer for the same product.
  5. Lol If by last you mean become a rotted out rust bucket used by landscapers sure.
  6. They never gave up on it, they are partnering with VW to develop electric cars
  7. Same people that got upset ford replaced the v6 for a turbo 4. Times are a changing. Expect to see more electric cars from ford and VW. Wouldn’t be surprised if Chevy also works with them on electric cars too. Chevy and ford already worked together on their 10 speed auto
  8. Tesla releases a fuggo pickup truck and gets a thread on here, meanwhile ford releases the all electric Mach-E and no one bats an eye.... hhhhmmmm.... me thinks soon Tesla won’t be the only electric car makers in town and other companies will soon surpass them in both range and affordability.
  9. I mean other then my rear view mirror? :P....Keep thinking about that and you'll realize thats because I have a mustang and went into the building and your parked behind me.
  10. 2 2080ti kingpin cards caught the oc benchmark bug
  11. Get a old toyota or a 90's civic those things last forever and are dirt cheap used
  12. Lol On a sidenote I actually dig the styling of the paseo the front kinda reminds me of a 90's Honda/Acura.
  13. Not my fault you don't read after the first sentence. That being said I'm highly neurotic so I genuinely go random in my head all the time its a curse