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  1. Ended up buying a 2010 Ford escape with a V6. It grew on me I'm starting to love it
  2. So just met and drove a guys 330xi from 04 that he was selling with 175k on it car was so clean and drove good I thought it only had 80k on it.
  3. Cause we aren't fuckbois lol jk but seriously coilovers > air ride for performance.
  4. To not break the law and have my car impounded and my drivers licensee taken away lol No worries i got hat you were saying. Typically the focus ST and the MK6 gti are close to each other in terms of power/stages. ST stock is like a light stage 1 tune gti after that they pretty much make the same. With the power of stage 2 unless you go on the highway your not going to really ned the bigger brakes. With a bigger turbo youll be getting up there a lot faster and needing to stop a lot sooner when on the back roads etc. On the highway you can take your time. Even around the back roads stage 2+ in my gti I dont really need bigger brakes yet. Though you really shouldnt be pushing your car to that limit on the back roads anyway.
  5. Its a electronic limited slip diff in the mk6 and 7 though i think the mk7 gets a mechanical one if you get the sport pack on it. Ill be having a mechanical one put in.
  6. Im having mine put in, May. The shop doesnt want to road dyno it in the winter. Ill be having the turbo, charge pipes, forge DV, limited slip diff, maybe new clutches, water/meth injection, dsg tune, retune, willwood brake kit, and maybe full coilovers if theres money left over.
  7. Ill be going with a willwood kit but I plan on tracking my car at some point. He wouldnt need that big of brakes unless he upgrades turbo. For stock turbo just a simple rotor and pad upgrade is good enough. Also are ST coil-overs any good. Im thinking about going with Koni coil-overs but idk whats good out there.
  8. Honestly just probably not going to buy another car and get a better fuel pump, limited slip diff, dsg tune/service, and the k04 bits installed with water meth and call it a day. After that not much on the road will be able to keep up at that point.
  9. Either that or I swap the turbo on my GTI sell it and buy a RS.
  10. So might pay off my GTI and buy a focus ST to sit in my garage next to it. ST and GTI are my two favorite hot hatches.
  11. Yeah hope he gets beat soon so his ego inflates will do on the track
  12. Nah stock GTI/Civic si is a 14 second car his is a 15 second car. He'd still lose. He knows my mods still thinks he's faster then my GTI and my mustang.
  13. Nothing like hurt feelings to make someone humble
  14. Idk all I know is it's not worth the fuel to even bother racing him. It's going to suck for a lot of people once I get my K04 installed. Hell it sucks for a lot of people now just being stage 2+ on my GTI. Why he thinks it's faster then his fox body mustang with the carb'd 5.0 with full bolt ons and gears idk.