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  1. looks really cool, the sliding glass panel on the front is a really cool idea. I realy don't like the side panel though and as my case will be positioned in such a manner where i will basically only see this side, it won't do. Thanks for your help anyways
  2. Very nice looking system you have there, it seems red has become a bit of a trend nowadays which is a shame as i tend to prefer blue or green (yes i own razer stuff and yes that is why i like green lol)
  3. I see, i guess the only way to get what i'm looking for is with mods. Who knows, i might even be able to build a front panel that does the same as in win's effect on the front
  4. Yeah thats what i meant, just don't like the look of it somehow. Call me picky if you want Really nice build though, i don't get to see many builds these days. Do you have custom PSU cables?
  5. Hey that looks pretty good, is that the 303? Only gripe i have is the front panel and the weird latch on the side panel
  6. Sadly i have not, although this looks like a really awesome candidate for me. Somehow the design of the case doesnt click for me though, maybe the 805 RGB set the bar too high Sadly i am not lol, don't even own one in my house although i will consider that an option. Have you got any photos of your case? I'm rather interested to see how it turned out
  7. Hi LTT forums! It's around that time i need a new case because i am planning on switching to a water-cooled solution for my CPU and my Graphite 320T just doesn't fit the bill, fans being mounted outside the case to fit the rad and all :\ I'm after a case with tempered glass panels and a minimalistic design. I really like the "In Win 805 Infinity RGB" as it looks sleek and will go well with my glass desk but i have looked at a few reviews that all seem to say that airflow is a big no-no in this case, damn. I really like the layout of the 600c, mainly because it has that panel which opens up on the top of the case to reveal a couple 5.25 inch bays. I also think the inverted layout is weird but i shall not care if the case looks fine. I do (rarely) use my disk tray and i have a fan controller which mounts in one of those bays as well. I can do without both of these though if needed. In the future i plan on doing a full custom CPU + GPU loop so if possible support for two radiators is awesome. Also i am after an ATX form factor case, don't really mind large cases as i have a lot of room. I have a 1200W Corsair power supply and a 980ti G1, 3 of the larger HDD's and an SSD, i can swap out a HDD for an SSD if the space is needed, not really worried about money on this one. Thanks for all your help (in advance ofc) ======================== EDIT ======================== I forgot to mention that i really like the effect on the front of the in win 805 RGB with the mirror tunnel, i am planning on doing this to my desk one day with an LED strip around the outside
  8. Just had a brain wave, unplugged the monitor from the wall and plugged it back in again... Works fine ffs. Thanks for your help bro
  9. yep, set as default, recognises in nividia control panel but no sound out of the actual speakers
  10. So I just gathered the effort to pull the case apart again and tried a few tests you guys suggested. Pulled one of the sticks of ram out, nope Tried the IGPU, couldn't tell wether it was the 60hz refresh rate or the chopping so it didn't help. Unplugged EVERYTHING in the case: drives, cd drawers etc, nope Was about to give up and had almost put the whole thing back together when I removed the wireless card ---- SUCCESS! It clicked in my head when I saw it there, I've recently moved and I have switched from using Ethernet to WiFi, chewing up pcie bandwidth on my cpu. All the time the card was sitting there idle and me using it was the difference between it interfering with my gpu and it working fine. I cant remember who made it click in my head but it was someone in this thread mentioning something about the gpu and pcie lanes I think, so thanks for your advice (whoever actually helped). HOWEVER - Now that I am back trying to use the machine, I have noticed that the audio output to my monitor has ceased to work. Any ideas? It's no biggie as I can plug speakers in but I will have to wait until I get into my next house so it would really help me as that will most likely be in a couple months from now.
  11. I have always had my suspicions on my ram as it is not the top tier product i could buy, but i actually ran an intel burn test (or memtest, cant remember the name) on them not that long ago to see how they were going and nothing was out of order. The other thing that i am a little unsure about is the fact that the machine ran fine for a good few months in this config with literally no problems, it was great. Really frustrating that it's happening now without any warning or easy solution. For example i was playing rocket league with four of my mates on splitscreen and it stayed almost locked at a buttery smooth 200fps but now it is unplayable and to be quite honest it is a really shitty expierence. Might just send my 980TI back to PC Case Gear and see what they think. I can also go to a computer store around me and get everything tested as i do not have the equipment with me to do so right now. Not sure if it will cost me anything though
  12. Most of my games are online but i have been playing grid a lot on steamos which has the same issues, you do have a good point though. I have not run any malware / anti virus scans yet, oops. Will have a look when i get home I actually went through task manager and killed all the unnessisary processes in one of my tests to see if that had any effect but fkn windows 10 just started half of them right back up
  13. Yes it is, although i do have a small wireless card plugged into the bottom pcie-4x slot, could try removing it and see what happens. Also my cpu sometimes gets high in the usage percentage when i monitor it, sometimes maxing out but it hovers around 85% for core 0 and 2 and at about 75% for core 1 and 3 when playing intensive games, star citizen maxes it out 100% but that is normal as this game is extremely cpu bound right now Ram is well within limits at around 80% when playing some games and it idles at around 1.5gb when using windows desktop I actually went through the trouble to move cs:go to my ssd to test hdd speeds but to no luck.
  14. I shall do so later as I am out at the moment, although I have my doubts because this problem seems to persist across drives and operating systems, the WD Black is only 5 months old I think so I also have my doubts on that i should add that this problem has shown itself after some 5-6 months of the system working flawlessly after some upgrades I did to the psu and gpu, normally I would blame Windows 10 but it seems that it is hardware specific because of the fact that the issue still persists across multiple games, drives and operating systems. nonetheless I will run your tests to see if they show anything when I can and report back. Thanks
  15. EDIT: i forgot to add that I have since uninstalled the nividia sound drver and just used my Realtek drivers for my motherboard Yes, it is a seasonic XP-1200 i did a deep clean of the system and cleared as much dust out as I could, cpu and gpu temps are nominal under load