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  1. Hi so I want to try to make 2 batch files to help me in my mod project for Dragon's Dogma... The first bat file needs to look into a root folder for any files of specific types and copy them to a separate folder outside that root, (Resource folder) It needs to force overwrite since the game uses a TON of duplicate textures with the same file names. It then needs to delete any files that are not the ones I had it copied over. Finally it needs to delete any folders in these files that may be empty. 2nd bat file needs to read the file names in these folders and find the same file names from the (Resource folder) these are edited textures / etc. It then needs to copy from the (Resource folder) to the specific folders those files are in without copying over any extra files and forcing the pop up to overwrite. This game sucks to mod and has hundreds of packed game data files called .arcs Some of which lead off into folder after folder to dig through (extreme cases a single .arc can have 300 folders) This is making this project take way longer than it should. My question, Is this possible, How, and where can I start to figure this out? I've no experience with code or cmd really outside of a few basic things, I'm a texture artist not a programmer.
  2. So after some work I got in touch with Picarto.tv community support. David Mor replied to my question and heres the response, tldr: They allow for any and all mature content as long as kids aren't involved. And if you are gaming, make sure game mode is enabled.
  3. Nudity =/= porn and isn't the focus of those mods I want to use.
  4. I got in touch with Mixer's CAT support, Any mods that would add nudity not made by the developer aren't allowed. Not sure what about Twitch or any other platforms.
  5. Yup. And especially in the case of the witcher the scenes of characters in the sauna and bath NOT being nude is just odd? Underware in skyrim doesn't feel right either. It works for Fallout since it's modern enough.
  6. I wasn't sure where to post this, in PC gaming Or programming / Web sites section. So I decided here since it's specific more to the game part. I'm trying to find a live streaming platform that would allow for me to Mod my games however I want. there's tons of mods for Fallout, skyrim and witcher which I'd like to use but would break Twitch's terms of service almost entirely. In the case of the Witcher 3 and Skyrim it's part of enhancing the lore of the games mostly. Fallout has SFW mod options for most of it's stuff so I COULD work around that. But I hate feeling so limited in how I play my games but want to stream them. Any ideas or options anyone may know of?
  7. Awesome! I didn't know this. This is great news for me. I'm moving in a few months so when I do I'll make this change as I'll likely wipe my system. Hopefully I can start playing my favorite game again without issues.
  8. Late reply. Does this change act permanently as in For example, if I were to re-instal windows would it retain the last Mac address entered? As I mentioned My issue seemed to be that Windows update disabled my Registry edit and I didn't notice till AFTER I was banned again. I have an intel NIC apparently and was easily able to find the setting to change though! so that's good.
  9. Thanks again! Really hope this will help.
  10. Any recommendations? I use a wire, and have Gigabit internet.
  11. Got it. So If I have a PCIE slot free I can just get a decent NIC for that then. Beats buying a new MB. Windows update I think reset my registry edit and that's how I got banned last time. Consoles are still perfectly fine so I'm almost certain it's MAC Address based.
  12. Whats a NIC? Would that be the Ethernet adapter/port on my Motherboard?
  13. Hello~ I'm trying to figure out how I can change my Physical computer hardware ID or MAC Address. I do not know what part holds this information or if a simple Re-instal of windows could change it. I do not know if there is a permanent way or method to change the MAC Address. I also do not know if all of these are the same: Mac Address, Mac ID, Physical Address, Hardware ID. It's a long story as to why I need to figure this out but I'll try and sum it up here. I love warframe and made a bad purchase for steam packs off of Kinguin and I was marked as a Plat seller by Digital Extremes. I went through the process of elimination and determined that they banned my computers Physical address or Mac Address. ( PS4 and Xbox 1 are safe and unbaned 5 months post-ban with no VPN) While my computer on a VPN and even with a Registry edit physical address Change, I was still banned after a month. I need to know either if there is a way to permanently change my MAC address, Or I need to know what Part/s I need to replace so I can play again.
  14. Found this. Has some great reviews and it is a bit pricier..but I do love me my Asus. https://www.amazon.com/ASUS-VS228H-P-1920x1080-Back-lit-Monitor/dp/B005S0XYKK/ref=pd_sim_147_9?_encoding=UTF8&refRID=WK4YGB9CYKJGS7DCAYCG&th=1
  15. OH IPS Awesome! Any specifics I should look for on HDMI adapters? I'll need 1 for DVI, and 1 for DP.