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  1. sali27

    Bounce Rates? SEO

    It could be
  2. sali27

    Need help looking for a gaming router for under $100

    check out this link http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2398080,00.asp and I would probable say the ZyXel MWR102 Travel Router, its $17.99 and you would be able to hit 150mbps on wireless(wlan) and 100 mbps on lan or wan. Another useful link http://www.pcgamer.com/best-gaming-router/
  3. sali27

    Netflix and Gaming

  4. sali27

    PIA Toronto Server VPN slowdown

    Ask this on reddit there are lots of PIA fans and users
  5. sali27

    Allow access to a website via VPN?

    A vpn can outlet through a specific shared network, which itself will host a specific range of public ip's.
  6. sali27

    Looking for a new modem/router

    NETGEAR D3600 N600
  7. sali27

    What is a VPN connection?

    Just read the Wiki details to get the answer of your question
  8. sali27

    Private Internet Access VPN: Yay or Nay?

    Overall PIA is one of the best VPN.. but PIA users have this concern that they are USA based company.. Everyone wants safety from NSA... well there are more VPN providers which based from other country.. I would suggest you to do more research.. some other country base VPN which I will suggest you.... VPNtunnel and Mullvad = Sweden Based.. VPNcreative = Denmark based.. PureVPN = Hong Kong Based.. EarthVPN = Panama based If you think NSA isn't a big issue for you then go ahead with PIA
  9. sali27

    How safe are VPN's

    I believ that it all depends on the Protocol your VPN is supporting, as you may have heard that there are different protocols through which the VPN connects. PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OPEN VPN, SSL, SSTP. SSTP is the most secure protocol but it compromises on the speed. L2TP/IPsec and PPTP are fast but they compromise on security. OPENVPN however is better than all three as it keeps a balance between speed and security. Your data is generally safe through a VPN, its very difficult bypassing protocols and it takes a real pro to get through them but all of this depends on the co-operation of the VPN service Provider, if you are using a VPN Service of well known company you wont have to worry about your data being hacked.
  10. sali27

    How to make a VPN?

    If you're out and about and connecting to free wireless hotspots on a regular basis, you probably are—or should be—thinking about protecting yourself with a virtual private network (VPN). http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2419611,00.asp
  11. sali27

    P2P VPN?

    I'm not entirely sure but this could be caused by the isp only throttling your data that is outgoing from the isp and not within their network and the peers that are giving you good speeds are on the same isp.
  12. sali27

    Setting Up Network Printer - It Worked Before!

    Does the driver look cool? Did you get it from the CD or did you get the latest version from their site? I know when I've had some issues with HP printers in the past, I would try this really generic driver to see if it would work.
  13. sali27

    Setting Up Network Printer - It Worked Before!

    Make sure the router hasn't handed it a different IP address - see if you can ping it or even go to the IP in your browser and see if the web interface comes up. It will be an issue if the printer is set to DHCP and it recycles power- it could feasibly change IP's every time unless you are able to either set it static on the device or create a reservation for it on the router.
  14. sali27

    Setting Up Network Printer - It Worked Before!

    check the router to see if the settings on there are correct can you ping the printer?