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  1. Hey guys , I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this , but i need help with my Windows server 2016 Active directory domain lab. I want to have a folder on my domain that is open for sharing and security for everyone , have a user from a client computer create an encrypted file there .I can see that it is possible , and that other users cant enter the file even if they are on the same machine. My issue comes when I want to share the encrypted file with another user , because a simple user from a simple machine cannot have access to domain level certificates , ( or can he? i cannot find even the own user domain level certificate thumb prints) even of his own , which means he cannot share another user with his domain level certificates other than in the way of asking the administrator for him to add the user to the encrypted file sharing.Is there a way for a user to share a domain level encrypted file on his own? or the only way for him to do that is asking the administrator?thank you.
  2. Amm.. What does it mean shorting the green and black pins? Im gonna take a look at youtube in the mean while but i have no idea what that is Thank you man.
  3. Hello , my brothers gaming pc wont show any signs of electricity all of a sudden. Im 99% sure its the psu cause ive checked everything possible other than psu and i dont have any psu to check the pc with so i decided on ordering a pretty lowered price one from amazon. thing is , i couldnt find this particular psu which is ranked pretty high in the psu tier list in my country , i only found it on amazon on my end. So i was wondering , if my country standards , basically - my house is running on 220V , will it be an issue plugging this psu to my house wall? the psu i want to buy : https://www.amazon.com/Corsair-Bronze-Certified-Non-Modular-CP-9020123-NA/dp/B01B72W1VA/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=corsair%2Bcx%2B2017&qid=1575660953&sr=8-1&th=1 it says it supports between 100-240V but I wanted to ask here anyway if i may.. I wanna be sure that im ordering the right product for my situation. also if anyone will be wondering about the pc specs : core i7 4790 R9 390 msi 8gb ram ddr 3 and till today i used seasonic 12II bronze 620W if anything else is needed i will provide the info , i might be wrong on some small parts because i have no access on making sure as the pc wont turn on like i said.. Thank you!
  4. so i had this issue with my hyperx cloud flight mic , where people couldnt hear me unless i was really close to the microphone with my mouth. the new firmware by hyperx fixed it. but theres a new even worse issue! when im exactly on 50 volume the headphones are alright , but when i increase volume beyond that , 100% of the sound goes to the left earcup and disappears from the right , when i decrease from 50 it does the same thing but on the right earcup. very very weird.. im currently looking for solutions and will appreciate some help from you guys! thank you.
  5. I tried to connect directly back to the ISP modem and now i dont have connection there aswell.. I guess it is still on bridge mode and waiting for me to plug the asus. How do i revert it you know?
  6. Yes I dont really understand the question.. Im sorry, my internet knowledge is limited. But as far as how the ip works, it is automatic
  7. Sitting around trying to connect to my asus router for the past few hours and need help.. I have my isp router+modem working just fine. But i wanted a better router and so i bought the rt-ac1200g+. It worked perfectly for about a year or two. Then i started getting alot of disconnects and reconnects, basic internet issues. My isp told me to not usr that asus router and connect only to their product. It works now after also the isp router being replaced to a new one. But i cant help but feel that the asus router can be bought back to life, so i went back to the asus, made the isp router operate on bridge mode as a modem, And i am now connected to the asus router again. But no internet access. Ive tried playing with the asus settings a bit, went through the automatic wizard and all and i cant get rid of this error message: your isp's dhcp does not functioning properly. Now, i doubt its that the isp disabled bridge mode or somethin because it was working before, im leaning towards the fact that i replaced the isp modem to a new one and now the asus router is kind of not configured for this new one but for the older one i replaced. Any thoughts? Thanks upfront!
  8. Thanks, thing is i never ever dealt with amd cpus so i really dont feel comfortable recommending him one. Ill check them out. Psu choices.. There are quite alot tbh but unfortunately no seasonic. I can get a full list once i get home.
  9. Intel Socket LGA1151v2 CPU Intel Core i5-9500 Coffee Lake Six cores CPU - Tray... Mobo PRIME-Z370-P-II[/b] - - 1151 V2 - Z370 - ATX - 4X DDR4 64GB 4000MHz - HDMI - DVI - CrossFire - PCIe 3.0 x16 - PCIe 3.0 x4 - 4x PCIe 3.0 x1 - 2 x M.2 - 4x SATA - 8x USB 3.1 Gen 1 - 6x USB 2.0... RAM HyperX 16GB (2x8GB) 2666MHz DDR4 CL13 DIMM XMP HyperX Predator - HX426C13PB3K2/16... GPU PH-GTX1660-O6G - ASUS - GeForce GTX1660 OC 6GB - Phoenix Series OC Mode - GPU Boost Clock 1830MHz GPU Base Clock 1500MHz Gaming Mode (Default) - GPU Boost Clock 1800MHz CUDA Core 1408 Memory Clock 8002MHz 192-bit D... HDD WD10EZEX - Western Digital - 1TB - 3.5 inch - 7200 RPM - SATA3 6Gb/s interface - 64MB Cache - WD Caviar Blue series... SSD SUV500-240G - Kingston - 240GB SSDNow UV500 2.5 Inch SATA3 6GB - 7mm - 520/500 Read/Write - 3D NAND - SUV500/240G... Case MX330 - Cougar - MX330 - NPS - 427mm(L)x195mm(W)x473mm(H) - ATX - Max. Graphic Cards Length: 350mm - Max. CPU Cooler Height: 155mm - 1x 120mm Fan... PSU MPE-6001-ACAAB-EU - Coolermaster - 600W MWE BRONZE - 80 PLUS Bronze... be quiet - PURE ROCK SLIM - Intel: 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156 - AMD: AM2 (+), AM3 (+) , AM4, FM1, FM2 (+)... Hows that build for video editing? pretty casual and low end editing nothing too serious . Asking for a friend that has trouble with english and I really trust the community in this forum so I was the middleman for him. Thank you !
  10. I will try.. Sounds awesome if it works like that Alright, i will try. How so i know the current activated key btw? Im pretty sure i already found it but it has so many zeros so i suspect alittle lol.
  11. Hi, my brother cane to me for help and im not sure how to help him as its a situatiom i never encountered. He has a work laptop that is very slow and so He bought an ssd. Thing is, the work laptop aleardy has a genuine windows installed and it would be better not to buy a new one if possible. Wanted to know how exactly do i transfer the windows from the currently installed hdd to the new ssd with the genuine key tied to that hdd. Thank you.
  12. ok , was worth a shot.. thanks
  13. can this monitor of mine run at least 144hz with a strong hdmi cable? i took the hdmi cable from the xiaomi mi tv box which should support up to 60hz 4k and proabably is strong enough for 144hz 1080p . is it possible though on this monitor? its just that i cant get a DP cable right now , all i have is an hdmi thanks.
  14. yep ive just checked it in overwatch and the the surround coming from the razer surround is pretty comfortable and even less distorted than the 7.1 mode on the cloud 2 im getting the cloud flight.
  15. im really into wireless right now dude hehe but thanks