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  1. Agree
    Warning reacted to TheRandomness in What is this worth?   
    It's worth less than that
  2. Like
    Warning reacted to trainergames in Microwave PC Case Mod.   
    Got all the stuff out.
    I also test fitted a PSU using a dead one,and a possible mounting spot for an HDD.
    Got the door and front key pad off,and got the bottom removed.
    Now on to stripping the paint and seeing just how much rust it has since it is  3 years old.
    Any one got any advice on paint and rust removal?
  3. Agree
    Warning reacted to DXMember in Dvi output works only in safemode   
    get into safe mode and use DDU to remove drivers
    then install them again
  4. Informative
    Warning reacted to nicklmg in Audeze Sine Review   
    Amazon: http://geni.us/plxIeA
    Are we ready to swipe our "Apple fanboy cards" to gain access to the Lightning headphone revolution?
  5. Funny
    Warning reacted to Praesi in Lost jumper cap to new motherboard   
    Jumpers are so 2000...
  6. Funny
    Warning got a reaction from NeoSk11zle in Programs to have.   
    I usually have 69 billion chrome tabs open so.... 24GB does the job.
  7. Like
    Warning got a reaction from WowMuchName in Question about the Asus dual 1070   
    make your own or send the exact dimensions and layout of the card to an acrylic cutting workshop where they will cut it perfectly for you. 
  8. Funny
    Warning reacted to liquidmagma in diy pc power supply for old pc?   
    well i didnt mean this shits and giggles. i just want to fuck around with it and torture it.
  9. Agree
    Warning got a reaction from ghostR in H440 Insane temperatures   
    Remove the case dust filter to allow for more airflow.
  10. Funny
    Warning reacted to WSADKeysGaming in Most ridiculous use for PC parts? Share yours.   
    If I had an XP I'd lay it on it's side like Linus does and watch the entire thread freak out 
  11. Funny
    Warning got a reaction from FPS-Russia in Most ridiculous use for PC parts? Share yours.   
    pretty much
  12. Like
    Warning got a reaction from SagarTechTips in Anti-Shock Insulation for Motherboard?   
    put a piece of clear acrylic over all of the components with enough room for airflow. You can mount this with tall standoffs. 
  13. Informative
    Warning got a reaction from _Rapid in GTX 1060 Overclock info   
    I have a 1060 as well and I got +800 MHz on the memory and +170 MHz on the core. Sits around 72c under furmark load. I can push it further but I can't be bothered at this moment.
    The stock memory clock is 8008 and I got it to 8808
    and the stock core clock is 1506 which I bumped up to 1879 which then turbo's up to around 2050-2100.
    Pretty good for a cheap Asus GTX 1060 Turbo card.

  14. Agree
    Warning reacted to SpaceGhostC2C in 6-pin to 8-pin cable   
    Your cable will fit in the leftmost 6 slots in that picture. Your adapter should look like those 6 slots. 
    However, in your situation, using an adapter that doesn't take power from anywhere other than the 6-pin is as good an idea as directly plugging the 6-pin in the gpu socket. In both cases it will work,  but if the card ever draws enough power to justify the 8-pin connector, the 6-pin cable will potentially overheat and end up like @Warning describes, whether it's the adapter or the cable itself. 
    Hence, you could get away with just using the 6-pin, but if the idea is to avoid risks, a pure 6 to 8 adapter won't help much. 
  15. Like
    Warning reacted to glitchmaster0001 in how much can i sell this Quadro GPU?   
    lol nah even my Xeons do cheaper space heating than this thing... hopefully i can sell it for $150/175.
  16. Like
    Warning got a reaction from Energycore in GTX 680+1060 Power Consumption?   
    Thank you!
  17. Agree
    Warning got a reaction from Matias_Chambers in Case upgrade suggestions?   
    S340 is very nice to build in and looks great. I personally don't like the look of the 100R and the Enthoo Pro is also quite nice just by looking at it. Either way, they will all work.
  18. Agree
    Warning reacted to MysticalRainXIV in AUSSIES! & There Tech Experinces   
    I got a 1070 ftw edition by evga at that price. Jeez Australian process really are jacked.
  19. Like
    Warning got a reaction from Technous285 in AUSSIES! & There Tech Experinces   
    AND we have to turn down our overclocks in summer otherwise we end up gaming in an oven and our PC suffers from extreme heat strokes.
  20. Agree
    Warning got a reaction from GirlFromYonder in Does anyone else have bad experiences with Gigabyte motherboards?   
    Never had a bad gigabyte board. The only thing that has gone wrong is a dead cap but the board was like 7 years old and was an easy fix.
  21. Agree
    Warning got a reaction from MinnyFinn in I've recently built my first PC and downloading and uploading is very slow plz help.   
    When I had an Ethernet/WiFi extender inline with my network cable, it slowed the absolute sh*t out of my internet. Once I removed it from the network my speeds were all good. Try doing that to see if it is the same case with you.  
  22. Agree
    Warning got a reaction from NaLu in Proper Cable Management Techniques   
    My eyes are burning....
  23. Agree
    Warning got a reaction from NaLu in Proper Cable Management Techniques   
    I'm not used to bad cable management.
  24. Agree
    Warning got a reaction from MisterMK3 in GTX 970 Refund   
    I thought it was only for US users.
  25. Agree
    Warning got a reaction from wrathoftheturkey in Battery For PC   
    They are not really built to be used as a continuous power replacement if a black out is to occur but more of a safety device so a user can save work and shut down correctly.