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    victor_fernandes reacted to Paytend01 in Help with new Gaming PC   
    Yah intel Processors have better performance per core, better power effeicency, etc
    If you have the budget though go with the AMD r9 390 Gpu. It outperforms a gtx 970
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    victor_fernandes reacted to EarthboundHero in Help with new Gaming PC   
    1: Just because they can get to 5GHz doesn't mean they perform better. Intel CPUs have a better IPC. They perform about twice as better at the same clock speed in single thread processes like gaming.
    2: On the nVidia side I'd recommend a 970 or up for 780Ti performance. If you're willing to do AMD, the 390 is a great choice.
    3: Not really a question.
    4: Why would you want to? I mean you can, but why?
    5: Follow your posts so you can get notifications when someone replies.
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    victor_fernandes reacted to Darth-Marius in Help with new Gaming PC   
    ^rt and amd cores are much weaker, plus amd is lacking major features for their chipsets