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  1. Y u do this? I wanted to make those jokes first.
  2. Fuck, I'd love to debate this further, but I'm going on a small trip and I have a bus to catch. Won't be back till Thursday.
  3. Challenges Google must face to employ Swift in Android development: 1. Swift was developed as a replacement for C# so technically google can't directly use it in it's source code, rather some changes need to be brought in the source code. 2. Specifically, Android would need a runtime for Swift. 3. Google would also have to make its entire standard library Swift-ready, and support the language in APIs and SDKs. 4. Swift would also not be useful in bridging higher level APIs in Java; they’d have to be re-written as well. If we were talking about Go, which was created by Google, I could take it. But language made by Apple for iOS, nah. In order to write apps in those languages you listed, you need Android Native Development Kit (NDK), and here is a quote from Google about it:
  4. Wow, doing hallucinogens and writing posts at the same time, brilliant idea. You can, but Google does not promote that.
  5. http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=6095#utility Just scroll a little bit down, 3rd from the top.
  6. My link is a course about android development. @PocketNerd's one is to download The Java Development Kit (JDK). @King_of_Oz's one is about Android Studio, an integrated development environment (IDE) used to develop Android Apps.
  7. I recommend this. Great free course. And Java and JavaScript are different things.
  8. Don't focus on learn the language too much. Instead focus on concepts. They tend to carry over throughout languages. And learn Java will definitely not be a waste of time. What kind of apps are you looking to make?
  9. Well, there is a language called Objective-C, but nowadays Swift is being used. I don't know about games, tho. Probably. I don't have any Apple device and have never actually done anything with Swift.
  10. You can write Unity scripts in either C# or JavaScript.
  11. It's okay, I'm just being triggered right now by the guy who ran a batch file and deleted like half of his registry and he doesn't even have a backup or a system restore point. Script kiddies...