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  1. stefs

    Do install everything i need?

    I buy mini pc: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Beelink-Gemini-X45-Basic-Mini-PC-Intel-J4105-4GB-DDR4-64GB-6GB-128GB-2-4G-5G/32900212574.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.57834c4dXczO3d 6gb version
  2. stefs

    Do install everything i need?

    i try to play some browser online games, and they are stutter. Do someone know why?
  3. stefs

    Do install everything i need?

    I install Driver Booster to see what he reccomend. What do u think, do i need to install something of this?
  4. stefs

    Do install everything i need?

    Tnx, you help me a lot. I forget a lot of things. Do i need to install all vc++ versions, and do i need to install directx, flash player, and another things? And do i need to install Net Framework and which version?
  5. stefs

    Do install everything i need?

    I buy new mini pc, and i install windows 10. Now, i dont sure do i install everything i need for smooth and fast experience. I wil use my pc for movies, yt, browsing, office,......... Do i forget something?
  6. stefs

    Free 3D Suite

    Its original site daz3d.
  7. if u can buy for a great price, i think you should buy this. And sell mobo, cpu, and ram, and add money and buy better..
  8. stefs

    Fan splitter

    I buy fan splitter, one have 3 pin(have space for 4, but one is missing), one have 3,whats the differences?
  9. stefs

    peripherals 2.0 hub

    I have a question, if i use 2.0 hub do this is great for wifi mouse adapter, wired keyboard and printer. Do i have any bennefits if i buy 3.0 hub for this?
  10. stefs

    Bluetooth mouse dont work

    When i connect my bluetooth mouse on phone, it works good. But, when i connect on pc, it dont work. My pc recignize my mouse, and connect, but its dont react whatever i do. Advices? Thanks..
  11. stefs

    G4650 cooler

    Thanks, but do i secure to do this because its close to the wall?
  12. I buy this, but video is very bad. Can someone help me? Its blured image. I do eerything i know in settings.
  13. stefs

    G4650 cooler

    I get 2 pc of Pure Wings 2, can you tell me where to put and in which side? Thanks..
  14. stefs

    Credit for Youtube

    So, if i want to make review of tablet. I can put any official song to test speaker? And, can i start trailer for movies to test screen? Do trailers are safe?
  15. stefs

    Credit for Youtube

    Thanks, next question is about music. Where to find free music for channel, and do every music need credit?