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Everything posted by arecheese

  1. wow, microsoft really brought their game. quite impressed with the cortana. windows marketplace also looking quite better nowadays! thanks for the heads up
  2. i was also thinking this, possible or not? i reckon people who have the money to buy this kind of equipment would most probably have a custom watercooled rig setup anyway, would be a shame to not utilize that.
  3. oops typo lol, i've tried with 1080p movies around 10GB quite nicely but i think that might be the limit though, unless you have something way faster
  4. Cool! cant wait to see the update! was thinking of getting a customed water cooling rig into the 350D as well because as you said, that case is SWEET! was just wondering how to fit everything! probably going to make yours as an example for mine
  5. only one thing was missing from the M7 and that was the microSD card. made me buy a crappy S4 instead. now this phone is MEGA PERFECT!! expendable memory FTW!
  6. why not use a kaveri APU? i thought those had decent on board graphics for 4K multimedia?
  7. man this HTPC kicks the balls off my gaming pc
  8. no need for the e-penis thing but kinda have to agree, why the 4-way SLI? what kind of monitor set-up are you using?
  9. how's the temps? so awesome to see watercooling like this in such a small case! u said 350D, why the sudden change?
  10. there is also another add on for xbmc called xbmctorrent (genius name). It let's you stream from the major torrent sites and then even has the ability to save the file after watching. I've streamed 080p videos on my crappy 5mbps internet with no problems!
  11. soooo that would mean cheaper windows phones and tablets? but unless they fix some of the main issues with the windows mobile OS they still have an uphill battle against android and iOS