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  1. Just stumbled upon the g6' game voice mix feature. Can I use this to mix the sound of a linux host and win10 vm together? E.g. for getting game audio from windows and voice chat and music from linux.
  2. Hey there! I want to build a nas. It turns out it is kinda complex ... Depending on when I can start I'll either use my old i5 4670k or get a zen2. I expect very good efficiency from zen2 ? The i5 has the drawback, that I can't use pcie passtrough. Features I want are the following: - grow pool - double parity - reasonable write speeds I found lots of solutions so far. FreeNas, Rockstor, unraid, storage spaces, omv and more. FreeNas looks great, but it doesn't support adding more disks Rockstor uses brtfs which is risky for raid56 omv seems to offers a lot with plugins. I doesn't offers virtualisation. I'd have to run omv as vm on something else unraid and storage spaces are currently my top pics both other everything I need. A pro with storage spaces is that I don't need a vm for plex. A con for unraid is that the current hardware doesn't allow pcie passthrough for plex vm I've read a lot about storage spaces, but it's very hard to find any good info on it. You mainly find info for ws2012 or 2016. I'm still not sure how ssd cache and dual parity works for it ... Does anyone have experience with storage spaces and unraid? Thx for some input ?
  3. heho, I stumbled upon this thing: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/BYKSKI-Acrylic-Board-Water-Channel-Solution-use-for-LIAN-LI-O11-Dynamic-Case-for-CPU-and/32893378955.html It says, that it only works with their ddc pump. The pump looks pretty much like any other ekwb or similar pump. Are the pumps really all that different? I thought only the pump top can vary, but the pump itself has the same form factor. The pump and tank are from bykski I would appreciate some tips ?
  4. What happened? Did you finish the build?
  5. Hi, I came across this mobo http://www.mindfactory.de/product_info.php/Asus-Z87-PRO--V-Edition--Intel-Z87-So-1150-Dual-Channel-DDR3-ATX-Retail_934032.html The quad sli confuses me a little. I know the difference between quad and 4way. Question is, if I can 2way sli two 970's. Or if it's an old standard for dual chip gpus only.