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  1. Lucho505

    On cascading powered USB hubs

    Hi guys, I've been on a kind of massive cable management project lately and theres some stuff I've been having issues with Currently, my pc is next to my TV which I often use to game myself, with some friends or watch media. The thin is that I have a lot of peripherals and wireless receivers connected to the pc, for which I don't have enough USB ports to, and sometimes my friends come over with their own USB gamepads for use. What I thought to remedy this was, with a USB extension, hot glue a 2.0 USB hub behind the TV (connected to the back of my PC), where I would connect a xbox one controller receiver, and xbox 360 controller receiver, a wireless keyboard/mouse combo and a second 2.0 USB hub which I would glue to the front of the TV for easy access to connect aditional gamepads should some friend come over. On top of these, I'm also connecting my headset receiver, wireless mouse receiver, gaming keyboard and some regular usb cables to charge stuff (mainly phone and the wireless gaming peripherals) the back of my PC. My question is, will this work? Should I buy a powered USB hub for the first one (the one connecting directly to the PC) and a non powered for the cascading one? Or should I just buy a 8 port hub and run some extensions to the front of the TV? Also, what kind of power should I get if getting a powered USB hub? Would a 5V/2A suffice or should I go for a 3A or 4A better instead? I'm from argentina and all there is here are crappy chinese hubs, but if necessary I could import one from the US Anyway, thanks in advance for your help and do tell if you come up with a better idea than all these stuff FYI I have some xbox one controllers and a wireless xbox 360 arcade stick, that's what I need both receivers
  2. Hey guys, I recently got an Asus Maximus VI Impact as an "upgrade" for my PC. As I'm lazy, I didnt do a fresh windows 10 (yes, im using windows 10) install, just droped the new drivers on top of the old ones. The thing is that when I installed the new audio driver, the left speaker sounds louder than the right one. The funny part is, the drivers took two restarts to install, and after the first restart (when the audio driver icon wasn't in the bottom right corner tray) it was working great. It wasn't until after the second restart, when the audio software was fully working, when this problem started TBH is not that bad of a problem, I just adjusted the balance in the soft and will probably do a full reinstall of the OS in the next couple of days (maybe try the windows 8.1 embeded stuff?), but it's my first swing with a high end board and I'd like it al to work Anyway, any tips or thoughts are appreciated, thanks a bunch!
  3. Lucho505

    Help with office PCs

    yeah, im working with around 100usd budget per system, so this is what i came back with (i was thinking ssds, but i think ram is most important right now) that would be the best option, but theyre way to expensive here For example, an optiplex 3040 is a littble bit more of 1000usd here
  4. Lucho505

    Help with office PCs

    Its pretty hard making my bosses spend money, I know that would be the best option, but pc hardware is pretty expensive here in Argentina
  5. Hi people, I work at a vet and people here are currently complaining on some specific pcs performance. The thing is, there are plenty here, and some of them work just fine, but there are two in particular that are way too slow. Well, the thing is, that they both run on LGA775, so i figured that if I replaced the crappy ones' cpu and ram and level it with the ones that perform well, they should perform kinda the same. The thing is that they work on different chipsets, and I dont really know if that would be a problem The PCs are used for basic web browsing, text editing and usage of a network program for entering patient data and stuff The specs of both systems The crappy ones CPU: Intel Dual Core E2180 RAM: Kingston 1GB DDR2 @ 667MHz MB: Asus P5GC-MX Chipset: Intel Lakeport-G i945GC The good ones CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 RAM: Samsung 4GB DDR3 @ 1333MHz (2x2GB) MB: Hewlett-Packard HP Compaq 8000 Elite SFF PC (It's a prebuilt system) Chipset: Intel Eaglelake Q45 So, I was thinking on buying a couple of Core 2 Duo E8400 and some 2gb sticks of ddr2 @ 800MHz (I dont think jumping from ddr2 to ddr3 will make a big performance difference), to end with the following specs The new hopefully not crappy one CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 RAM: Generic 4GB DDR2 @ 800MHz (2x2GB) MB: Asus P5GC-MX Chipset: Intel Lakeport-G i945GC So, would this work ? Thanks in advance for the help !
  6. Lucho505

    Poll for LTT members in regards to their new thumbnails.

    I think this might be like my 4th or 5th post on the forum, I came here just to see what happened with the thumbnails and, as I saw this thread, couldn't resist the urge to dust off my account and tell how much I hate the new thumbnails. They're like your average let's play channel
  7. Lucho505

    Zotac ZBOX MAGNUS EN970 Giveaway

    I live in a one room apartment so space saving gear is really apreciated, thats the main reason I want this, I can just probably stick it to the back of my TV Also, I live in argentina, where high end gear costs A LOT (sometimes triple the prices I find on ebay usa), so this would be, believe it or not, a great upgrade for me and my trusty 650 ti rig Thanks a lot for the giveaway, by the way
  8. Lucho505

    Need some noob help for case fans and pwm

    Thanks a lot to you all for the quick replies! Ive just got 4 fans so itll be 2 fans for wach header, i should be good with that The stuff ive mentioned is the only stuff ive gor available for purchase, i would buy other fans myself (some noctua low rpm ones) but there is allmost no supply of certain pc components (mainly cases, coolers, fans and psus) and other are highly overpriced (a 980ti is 1650usd!!!!!). Ill even have trouble finding some pwm splitters! Anyway, thanks anyway people
  9. Hi guys, new guy here, ive recently changed my mobo and got an asus h97 plus that comes with 2 nice pwm headers for fan control and i want to put them to good use The problem is that i want to populate all 4 120mm fan slots of my case with nzxt fn120 v2 but ive been highly turned down on using pwm splitters (2 1->2 ones) because of signal degradation or something like that. Ive been adviced to use a dedicated fan controller, but here in my country they are waaaayyy to expensive and id rather not have to buy one if i dont have to So, what are the cons on using 2 splitters on both mobo headers to power my 4 fans? I dont really mind on having 2 fans as one module and them spinning at the same speed Please dont advice me on other fans, in the small pool that are available here this ones already cost 20usd each (after currency convertion)... Then theres some cooler master ones at allmost 40usd each, and i dont want to spend over 150usd on 4 case fans tbh In case youre wondering which case (hue) i have, youve probably dont even heard of the brand, its a vitsuba 8017, you can google it but its a standard crappy mid tower case with one filtered intake on the front, one outake on the back and 2 on the side, which i currently have as intakes (all 120mm). If its of any information, i currently have my psu upside down to use as outake Thanks in advance!