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  1. I'll post this here and watch form my back seat. P.S. This topic is archived on some videography forums since 2013 or 2014 xD https://www.cinema5d.com/whats-inside-a-red-mini-mag-the-controversy-jarred-lands-statement/
  2. might be. but was the same on my work PC =)) and there I dont have any Adblock or extensions
  3. This is very off topic (or at least I hope so ). Sooo, I was watching some local sites for a new monitor (just big and cheap for my code lines) and I've found a Lenovo that look fairly good for what I need. And what is someone doing when he finds something that could be next thing to spend money on? Search for reviews, especially videos. One of the google hits were a site that incorporate the message "Uploaded by Techquickie". I'm like: "OK? What the f**k?" and search whole site for that video knowing that formula and the thumbnail is from YT and nothing It seems that Techquickie channel is so famous that it is used even for advertising. Here you have a screenshot with 2 links in same search, at the same site, with the same advertising strategy
  4. This is WOW. did they found few left in their warehouse? I really want to hear about this in WAN show this Friday.
  5. @NelizMastr Yeah, it was 8.something. And it is detected by iTunes. It ask to restore or update software. It makes all the steps unitl it says something about installing recovery firmware and then it spits out "unknown erro( -1)"
  6. Hello. Yesterday I've found my forgotten and lost iPad3 and I did an upgrade. At it's final, the iTunes started to spit out the -1 unknown error. After a fast search on the web I've found that baseband is unsoldered. The apple store already turned me down, they don't have any more spare parts for it they said. Did anyone heated that chip to be reballed? And does anyone know how it looks like? I know that it is a MDM9600 chip.
  7. I was lookig to give you a more aggressive answer but I change my mind in the last moment and beside that I was trying to be polite. Ok there was my mistake, it is not 65 but 80w. Now let's get back to your judgement. If you show me a workstation with i3 I'll send an envelope with hand-written apologize. Now maybe you can run unraid or vms with that partial core or whatever, but plex and pfsense need a full one especially if he want to stream to 4 users, even so i3 will be at it's limits.
  8. yeah but i would like to see your i3 8100 to have unraid (1T used), plex (1T) and use 2T for: No offence @NelizMastr but I would, like to see you running windows on 2 @3.5GHZ or what clock does it have. Besides checking mail and some watching YT it won't be enough. That without upgrading to CCTV. He asked for my opinion and I gave it. It is true the fact that it has higher TDP but you can get for cheap a 65W 4c/8t xeon at decent speeds, but it is not OK to promote something that it will keep him limited.
  9. Most older workstations were based on Xeon CPUs. That were actually i7 or even i5 that meet certain requirements, like being very stable at certain speeds. Now if you don't want to buy a brand new i9 ( now the new xeons doesn't have any point besides servers) you could buy an older E3, they are i7s on steroids. Right now I'm thinking about an e3 hexacore+ Asus rampage extreme mobo around 260$. p.s. the e3 that I'm looking at is a 3.8GHZ turbo. It has 130W at max load, but the energy is fairly cheap where I live
  10. actually static IP is not that bad, keeping in mind that it is easier to be found over internet, now he need to think about speed. if every client download 10Mbps and he have 100 clients, he need more than 1Gbps enternet speed upload. Besides, he need to comunicate with other servers for the same game/s and that is a substantial speed needed. To get those speeds you need to have a fully connection for company and that is expensive, static or dynamic, whatever you get, and again you need time to save the investment.
  11. An east european one. In top 10 for internet speeds
  12. I don't know that too. 100mb is required for using a NAS as cloud, but running a game server........... you need much mooooore
  13. https://www.rustafied.com/how-to-host-your-own-rust-server/ this was my friend's resource first search on google. No CPU mentioned in that tutorial tho. he went with regular skylake i5 at first and just recently update to 8400 it. You can take it from there and multiply your rig. Where I'm from, you get 1Gbps up and 250mbps down for something like 12$ and this is like home use standard. If you are a small company, with 140$ you get 10Gbps up and around 100gbps down, 1 main line + 2 safe lines, each using different path to the provider's servers (different direction and different placement : to north via pillar, south-east via pillar, west underground). Even for home plan you are not forced to use a maximum amount of data ( let's say 12GB max) you can use how ever you want. Your only restriction is the law and the bandwidth