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  1. Its not biased its they sign a contract saying they wont build cards for the other side. I cant remember who it was (Sapphire maybe?) where they started making cards for the other side and they got locked out by their original company
  2. No they didnt want it on the 1060 so the same thing that happened last time with 970 SLI wont happen
  3. I would save it, I wish I did and didnt blow my 1300 CAD on a PC Also you might need it later, like I went on a surprise trip to Greece and London from my grandparents and I was lucky that I have $400 saved
  4. It would be around 58 USD
  5. 80 CAD through UPS to near Toronto
  6. How do I block someone here?

    1. Aytex


      account settings


      on the right, ignored users

    2. iamdarkyoshi
    3. Clanscorpia


      My friend from school keeps annoying me here :P 

  7. My headphones RMA got accepted :D 

    1. Brianyu


      Ahhh. What headphones? Your hyper x fury ?

    2. gtx1060=value


      aren't u the lucky SOB who got to go to CES? or was that PAX east? - i keep on getting you confused with @ShadowTechXTS for some reason - probably because you're both 13

    3. Clanscorpia


      @gtx1060=value no I paid to go to PAX east I bought my tickets. Tallon never got invited anywhere lol 

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  8. Ugh I cant understand how I feel about myself, if you know what I mean
  9. Ugh my mind is so conflicted right now. I cant understand my feelings
  10. Yes there will be a massive difference. And the gap is massive, like its almost twice as fast
  11. Ive had zero issues but heres the thing with the Nitros. Some of the chips are binned the exact same, if not better than a GTR. The chips complete the GTR, and with a GTR chip the Nitro is just as good. And Ive seen a lot of people with "blessed" Nitros
  12. The RS is pretty bad if you want to OC but if you are staying stock clocks its a decent card. Id recommend the Nitro though. It and the GTR seem to be the best cards for OCing
  13. The cooler isnt as good (still great) but Ive never seen an MSi that can OC high and Ive seen 4 Nitros that can
  14. What card? Only the XFX GTR and Sapphire Nitro can hit those clocks from my research. And I have an insane card, its highly unlikely you'll get those clocks
  15. Buildzoid who has the highest know RX 480 overclock on air ran at 1.52. I could hit that but Im not in the mood for voltmod. And it scales more on temperature, not voltage. I can hit 1420 on +20mv but cant go past 1.5 on +100
  16. Clanscorpia

    Math Help

    I did it as a joke lol Plus I prefer Desmos for my laziness needs. Im also not into higher level functions so I dont need all the features
  17. Clanscorpia

    Math Help