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  1. PRess the free shipping button
  2. @wcreek http://www.ebay.com/itm/Digital-Electronic-LCD-Scale-Balance-Pocket-Weighing-Jewelry-Gram-0-01g-200g-/272510796202?hash=item3f72e8c1aa:g:3KMAAOSwd0BV3~li
  3. Yeah I do agree. Although that might be from my internet being crappy today
  4. Who could have guessed? /s It was pretty obvious when Intel was releasing an OCable i3
  5. Ugh know what screw it Im trans ?️?
  6. Because you gotta live life fab you know /s Its just like owning a Rolex, or a Lambo. You know you own one of the best of the best
  7. That would actually kill my eyes
  8. No duh the XFX is better but the MSi is the second best. Now if we are going watercooling the chain is very different. GTR -> Nitro -> Ref
  9. Because its an insanely high clock that is stable in Firestrike and the Firestrike stress test
  10. I never run it in game I run 1400/1900 in games perfectly stable
  11. Ok consider Arma 3. And island of roughly the same size with NPCs everyone with physics running for all those areas. That game took millions of dollars to make. Theres almost no way you could complete that in your lifetime, even if you are extremely experienced
  12. OMG you guys all assume it will be so cheap xDDDD If its that cheap AMD will just get squashed by Intel. AMD cant afford to do cheap prices. They need money. Intel doesnt. They have billions in pure cash and near no long term debt. AMD is the exact oppossite. Intel can just lower the prices to cheaper than AMDs and people will buy the Intels. Ryzen wont be under i5-6400 price for the 4/8 under the 6700K for the 6/12, and not under the 5820K for the 8/12. The "1080" Vega will also not be under 1070 price and so on
  13. Thats the website without a unique link. If your trying to make it work then use a unique one. Like this http://free-csgo-skin.com/?id=7ca0df
  14. You need a unique link man according to this, but even then itds likely a scam
  15. It the beginning of "thanks to squarespace"
  16. Does not know how to do that. You'd probably beat me anyway :p;
  17. Sure, I havent played in a while though