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  1. No, I was saying it as a broad spectrum that the majority of people on the forum who are making this point against the MBP also argued about its low specs.
  2. Every MacBook argument ever on the forum RAM isnt the only deciding factor for performance
  3. As people have already said, there is many more important things that cause the MacBook to not be able to run pro application but who the hell wants 32GB of RAM in a dual core machine. Plus if you are even running an application that benefits from more RAM (ex. Premiere) on a laptop you arent expecting super fast render times. News flash: No they dont
  4. You mean every single company ever. And what happened to Macs cant run those applications? Stop backpedalling and use actual points
  5. There's no point in adding more RAM stop trying to find every little thing to bitch about when it comes to apple
  6. We have status here now? What mine then?
  7. And this is coming from someone who pushed Polaris to the limit
  8. There's no colour temperature spot?
  9. Reduce voltage in steps of 5mvs until its unstable then lower it to 2 and then 1. Dont touch power limit
  10. What do you mean tune it? Are you overclocking or trying to lower idle power use?
  11. I pronounce it ri-zen. Like the word risen not Ryzen. I pronounce that Rye-zen
  12. The thing is Intel can afford to rack the prices down and kill AMD to the point of them being harmless again and then rack the prices up again slowly. Also company wise RTG is basically separate from the CPU division for basically all purposes
  13. Thats the answer its because of the extremely high FPS in menus. Its really just the programs. Something like voerwatch locks the menus to 60 to avoid that, even if in game I can get like 120
  14. What games are those? And yes sometimes the inductors just need to get used.