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  1. She gets meds with Obamacare, for almost free, and now it will be 15K a year
  2. Just be warned the Gaming X's dont have the best chips in them. If you're going for overclocking and dont care about noise get the Sapphire Nitro+. If you care about both, get a GTR
  3. Well, I know having my friends die from medical conditions they cant afford to get fixed is presumptions
  4. But then we wouldnt be Canada anymore
  5. 1060 because it will perform better in it because its an Nvidia title
  6. I do like some of your content but it is leaning towards the younger audience and a lot of the backbone of older, more mature watchers is falling. A build guild would help this signifigantly
  7. I think thats a more than good enough reason. You have to admit though bad timing with the clickbait FAP and the funny face thumbnails
  8. What if that middle schooler had their A+ and N+
  9. I think like fully custom for the case it would work. And would like sick as hell
  10. Linus did 7 GPUs in 7 slots so.... Single slot watercooled mini 1080s?
  11. To make a game on macOS? And that I dont know, I do know they exist but not exact names
  12. For say a game dev who needs the APIs available on MacBook in a light package. Or for college students who need programs available only on macOS. Its definitely not for say a video editor
  13. Because people often follow him and hes a good example of a proffesional
  14. Then why wouldnt you be like Linus and the crew and bring high end workstation laptops? If you really need to do productivity work you can sacrafice some luggage space for a big laptop
  15. For example... IIRC the 2015 model had a faster model quad core compared to the newer Skylake CPUs. And again, if you are a serious user, you are going to have an i7 or a Xeon
  16. The issue is blown way out of proportion though. And yes, I did forget to mention the quad cores, but they are still very weak compared to even a desktop i5. If you are doing serious rendering work you arent going to be using a macbook
  17. No, what Im saying is people keep giving the MacBook shit and praising the XPS. Its stupid, people are completely anti-apple and ignore the windows versions of the macbook
  18. You dont see Linus ragging on the XPS though do you?
  19. Im assuming youre fine with the XPS series then? It costs slightly less for similar specs but is still over the $1000 mark