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  1. Sorry about the table, here it is again:


    Component                       Probable Black Friday Price       Shipping

    CPU: FX-8320                   $150                                           $6 

    GPU: Gigabyte R7 360      $110                                           $9

    Mobo: MSI-970A-G43        $60                                             $6

    RAM: Crucial RAM 4gb      $23                                             Not sure

    Case: NZXT Source 210    $45                                             $15

    PSU: CougarA500             $45                                             $10

    HDD: WD AV 360GB          $30                                             $8

    OS: Windows 8.1               $40                                             Not sure


    My Granny does a lot of multi-tasking (Hence the 8 core CPU and that fact it's cheaper than an i5), she uses Photoshop 7 (She learned how to use it in university), and she does a lot of office work and web browsing and maybe some light gaming. Thanks for the super quick reply!

  2. I'm doing a PC build for my Granny and I've been waiting 2 months for Black Friay/Cyber Monday prices so if people could recommend parts in the probable Black Friday/Cyber Monday price. Because of DX 12 using multiple cores I was planning on putting an overclocked FX-8320 for the CPU. I've written up a plan but Im not sure how good it is. I still want to keep the FX-8320 for my main but if you can recommend a better one I'll take a look but if you do give me a recommendation, please base it around the FX-8320. My budget is $600 CAD and here is my current plan.

    Component   Current Price Probable Black Friday site Shipping                   CPU: FX-8320   $200   $150     $6                   Mobo: MSI-970A-G43 $60   $60     $6                   RAM: Crucial RAM   23   15-23                         GPU: Gigabyte R7 360 $140   $110     $9                   CPU Cooler: CM Hyper 212 Plus $21   $21     $5                   Case: NZXT Source 210 $65   $45     $15                   PSU: CougarA500   $60   $45     $10                   OS: Windows 8.1   $60   $40                         HDD: WD AV 360 GB   $50   $30     $8                   Shipping:                                         Total Probable Black Friday price: $578    


    This is what I've written up so far and if you think the prices and the components are good, please tell me or recommend new ones. This is my first build as well so I'm super excited :D. Thank you!

  3. I was doing a bit of research and I decided that the Aspire V15 isnt right for me and I figured I needed a new list. So here we go.....


    Intel quad-core i7

    8 GB RAM (At least)

    750GB 7200 RPM HDD (At least)

    960M 2GB VRAM (At least)

    Gigabit / AC WiFi

    Economic look (Not to gamery)

    Nice keyboard

    1080p screen (1440p if possible)


    If possible if anyone could recommend a good mouse for <70. I wouldn't mind if it looks gamery.


    Thanks guys! And the budget stays the same if possible. A little over is ok.

  4. Hi,

    Thanks everyone for the very quick reply. after doing some research I decided to go with the Acer V15 for the more economic look and for the better graphics processor. I'm expecting to keep this laptop for around 3-4 years. I was just wondering if it was possible to upgrade the battery on the laptop. It says a battery life of 4 hours which isn't very efficient for when I'm on trips. I'm also thinking about doing a little bit of overclocking if it gets slower (which I doubt it will for a while). I'm also wondering if you guys could recommend a good mouse and laptop cooler. And keep bring in the suggestions please! Thanks.

  5. Hi there,

    I've been looking for a laptop and I can't seem to find one that meets what I need to here is my list:

    Quad core CPU (A10, i5?)

    GPU (Can be APU)

    6-8 GB RAM

    15'6 screen

    500 GB of storage (At least)

    I'm willing to pay up to 1250 (Canadian)


  6. Hi,


    I've looked everywhere on the internet and there's no good guide on overclocking a laptop. I know that laptops dont have good cooling and everything but compared to my 2 friends, my PC sucks except for that it has 2 more gb of ram and it has an actual GPU even if it's in an APU but my CPPU is HORRIBLE. It's an AMD E1-2500 with 2 cores running at 1.4 GHz. Yeah.... it sucks. My GPU part is AMD Radeon 8240 grapics, I feel like the GPU costs more than the CPU part. Even smartphone CPUs are better. Lately my PC has been running slower than when I got it and could someone give me a complete and detailed guide to making it faster. Thanks for the help.