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Status Updates posted by Clanscorpia

  1. sOmHZr4.png

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    2. PCGuy_5960


      @DocSwag lol 3:20GHz


      PC Building=PC Inventing xD

    3. MoonlightSylv


      Bitch please I was one year older than him and I didn't get a news article.

    4. GrimGaming


      This was a trash article delete your roblox account l0sr


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  2. What sports should I do in High School? Right now Im thinking Volleyball, Track, Curling, and Rowing. What else should I try? 

    1. dizmo


      Are you in the US? Football.

      Looking to get into Yale or Harvard? Rowing.

      Curling makes me think you're Canadian..

    2. ARikozuM


      I did tennis and a bit of billiards. 

    3. Chaos_Sorcerer


      Swimming. You know, I used to be a really good swimmer as a younger kid - I never did any competitive swimming (I'm talking about when I was really young here), but I was always the youngest kid in my class and I would finish my swims minutes before everyone else. I didn't swim for like, half a decade (maybe even more), and I got really out of shape, but I did Bronze Medallion and Cross last summer and then joined my school's swim team in September. It's actually a lot of fun - you were allowed to skip competitions if you wanted to (which was what I did...I don't like competing in things, and I didn't have a ton of confidence), and you just basically got to swim and talk with your friends for a few hours every week.


      Depends entirely on your school's system, though...swimming is the ultimate douchebag's sport...so yeah....


      Tennis is fun, too. I've never really been a fan of team games (yeah, I'm selfish, get over it)...so tennis, swimming, and skiing are my favourite sports.



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    1. Chaos_Sorcerer


      Surprised it isn't over 10 minutes



    2. Chaos_Sorcerer
  4. I feel so dirty.... so dirty....

    1. wrathoftheturkey
    2. Clanscorpia


      My RX 480 is off to Thailand and I needed to play overwatch at better than 720p so I put in a 650ti

    3. DocSwag


      I assume the buyer paid for shipping?


      These miners must be desperate for cards if they're willing to pay for shipping from Canada to Thailand on top of paying for the card...

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  5. I think Im going to wait to buy my 980ti. Hopefully the prices will go down.

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    2. 33 Vinyle

      33 Vinyle

      man these shit prices

      got my lightning for 300 usd and rx 470 for 110 usd when mining was at all time low

    3. 33 Vinyle

      33 Vinyle

      dont worry though, just buy some 1030 and hold off for its return period, prices will go back down

    4. TheRandomness


      Ebay listings aren't allowed anywhere on the forums.

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  6. Bah Im so conflicted. Should I get an RX 580 and make 60 dollars or get a 980ti and spend 40? 

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    2. Defunct Lizard
    3. STRMfrmXMN


      I mean, going off the specs you list you have a 1080P 60Hz monitor, why even bother getting a 980 Ti?

    4. Clanscorpia


      Planing on getting 1440p soon

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  7. Why the HELL do I have to pay 70 USD in import fees on something from the US? What kind of bull is that eBay!

    1. themctipers
    2. pierom_qwerty


      @Clanscorpia rip


      you kind of just wish that they could like not have import fees between the us and Canada. we are right next to eachother


      (just tell the seller to undervalue the product :ph34r:)

  8. 980ti here I come!

    1. PCGuy_5960
    2. DocSwag
    3. PCGuy_5960


      Oh, I see xD At first I was like, WTF?

      Yeah, the 980 Ti is a solid upgrade, if you get a good one you can get close to 1080 FE performance

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  9. When the cashier charges 12.99 instead of 112.99


    1. Clanscorpia


      I finished at 1850

    2. Aytex


      bro, plat and diamond are like hell. Master and GM is where the real team action is.

      Cause throwers still exist and Hanzo and gango mains still roam in Plat-Diamond

    3. DocSwag


      When you're sitting here listening to two comp OW players talk about playing and you still need to rank up two more times to even be able to play comp...

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  11. Im thinking about getting a Kraken G12, what do you guys think? 

  12. I lowkey wanna start weening of tech and start becoming more athletic again

    1. pierom_qwerty


      what is your mile time?


      (~1600 meters)

    2. Clanscorpia


      Ill time it tommorow morninge

    3. pierom_qwerty




      for record, mine is 6 minutes, 50 seconds.

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    2. pierom_qwerty


      i know


      the simulation is cool


      the actual note flaps a little

    3. pinksnowbirdie


      Maybe when I have a little more money, I'd order one of the new notes. Not sure I can actually convert a single US note to a single Canadian note.

    4. Ryan_Vickers


      you should be able to go to any foreign exchange place and withdraw or convert cash.  It's just $10 cad, which is like $7.50 US

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  13. Took me 4050 posts to finally get a warning :P

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    2. DocSwag


      I think the car wasn't really relevant, though the oven is.


      The thing is, there was so much about it that could've been cheaper ;_;. That's the main thing that does actually tick me off.


      Change 1800x to 1700. Boom, $170 saved.


      Don't get expensive-ass dominator platinum and get Ripjaws V or something instead. Boom, $50 saved.


      Just get one 1080 instead, two is overkill plus SLI is meh. Maybe just wait for a 1080 ti instead. Boom, $500 saved.


      One loop instead of two. Boom, probably $200-$300 saved.


      Don't get some overkill caselabs case but something like an enthoo evolv or r5 instead. Boom, $500-$600 saved.


      Don't get that extra 3tb HDD. Boom, $100 saved.


      Sell the secondary rig since there's no point in keeping it. Boom, at least $1000 in your pocket. 


      Overall, that amounts to something more around $4000. Muuuuccchhh more reasonable. Still a little high but definitely more reasonable. Not to mention the secondary rig.


      ORRRRR just take the 6700k rig, sell the 980 ti for a 1080 ti, maybe get a new case, and water cool that. Would've only cost maybe $1200. Add the monitor and that's around $2000, which is getting pretty reasonable.

    3. Clanscorpia


      Still super overkill. He spent 3K on watercooling

    4. DocSwag


      Wait wot really 3k on just water cooling components alone?!?


      Doesn't the rest of the PC cost more than $2800 (including monitor).

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  14. When you realize you are over 4000 posts

  15. When people think you got boosted in Overwatch

  16. 2009SR :D Going for Platinum. Hard to think I was 1024 this morning :P 

  17. Actual new profile pic

    1. DocSwag


      Oh lol didn't see it's just the backplate. That's a pretty good idea though...

    2. Clanscorpia


      @DocSwag Luke and the BS Mods guys

    3. DocSwag


      I shoulda done something like that when I got to meet Paul and Kyle.


      Oh wait, my GPU doesn't have a backplate...

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  18. New profile pic

    1. Ryan_Vickers


      I thought I've seen this one before... strange

    2. Clanscorpia


      You did xDNew one failed to upload. Damn crappy wifi

    3. Ryan_Vickers


      ah :D 


      Nice job, I see you managed to meet someone there after all ;) 

  19. Leaving for PAX on saturday :D Sadly only there* for one day ;( *shoutout to my dude @Ryan_Vickers*