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  1. Why not just get a decent pair of highly breathable running shoes, which almost always have a more comfortable sole.
  2. This is the time to buy EA stocks. If I had real money and not just money in my practice account I would totally buy shares now. Theyre at a 1 year low and will almost surely go back up after the release
  3. The bad part about that speed is bikers start swerving in and out of traffic though, and that where a lot of accidents happen.
  4. It is over in america where the majority of city roads have no space for a biker. Think of it like a highway. A car going 80 in a 100 zone is a lot easier to pass then a car going 40 in the same zone. Traffic just runs a hell of a lot smoother
  5. Theres definitely some like that but the small bike seat is definitely there for a reason. The problem with people going slow is they do get in the way. Most roads only have space for a car and maybe a bike and a slow biker just completely holds traffic up, and in my experience is much more unpredictable that a biker that is going a reasonable speed.
  6. I just had to reply to this. The reason is that there should be almost no weight on the seat. If the seat hurts your crotch its not in the right spot. Ideally you shouldnt feel any pressure from the seats. The padding in the shorts is usually very minimal compared to a padded bike seat. and properly conforms to the body unlike a padded bike seat, which are usually so big you have improper form. As I biker myself I honestly hate bikers on the road. The majority are either idiots who should be walking instead of biking because they go so slow on the road. Or entitled roadies that group up and take up literally the whole road, which is illegal in most jurisdictions. And the bikers who swerve though traffic and run reds are the absolute worst. Honestly there should be a license for being able to bike on a public road. It would solve a ton of problems with people who dont know what theyre doing and dont respect the law. There really needs to be rules about aptitude too. If you cant keep a solid 20 km/h on the average flat city road you really shouldnt be biking on it
  7. Youre promoting small business in one comment then saying something that is detrimental to it in another. I work for 2 small family owned business and they've both suffered heavily from the wage hike here.
  8. While of course its good that AMD is finally catching up in the enthusiast market, this really isnt a great example for the overall scheme of things. If you counted all CPUs (including the ones in prebuilts and laptops) Intel would still be on top by a huge margin
  9. If someone likes someone of course theyre going to try to replicate their lifestyle. Its like those people who do CEO morning routines just so that they can try to be like their favourite CEOs. Im sure theres someone you look up to that you try to replicate. Im not saying its right, Im saying its outright idiotic to call a large portion of the population stupid for liking a certain product.
  10. Id rather be liked by the majority of the population and hated by a small percent then the latter.
  11. Y'all really need to chill with the shit you guys say about Apple users. Its getting annoying and one of the reasons the general population makes fun of people who are tech oriented. Not everyone who owns an iPhone is a fanboy and its really annoying seeing half the posts in ANY thread referencing Apple talking about people being fanboys. It contributes absolutely nothing to the conversation and just serves for more reason for people to hate on the tech community. Also to everyone calling Buffet stupid. This made has made billions on billions of dollars from investing. If this man says something about business, you should listen.
  12. As someone who lives in a place where the temperature ranges from -45c to 45c (with wind chill and humidity) I find celsius easier to use because its basically a balanced scale. The middle is where society says its unacceptable to wear shorts, and is also when school starts getting cancelled so
  13. Im not sure about other banks, but RBC has a type of investment account that simulates an actual account using the normal stock exchange, but without making actual purchases. I really like it because its using actual investment software without real money. It gives you 100,000 dollars to start with just to play with to figure out the software before you start actually investing.
  14. Got a new sweater, jeans, and shoes.
  15. That wouldnt happen, at all. Thats a very idealistic view of what would happen. Monopolies would be created because the companies with more money would just copy all the good things and make them better, without giving the smaller players the chance. The patent system allows smaller companies to come up with new ideas and keep them theirs without the big companies stiffing them out.
  16. This is very ignorant, you know clocks dont equal performance. If theyre releasing this its likely one of the tuned chips and actually works as intended, theyre also soldering chips which will make a difference. You cant get anything better at the size, and it could be a lot worse. I think youre hating on this for no reason, and making it seem a lot worse then it is, and looking at it from the viewpoint of a gamer, not someone who needs the small size
  17. Honestly, at this low end, its usally cheaper to just buy a computer from a retailer
  18. The title is extremely misleading honestly. Making a single transistor is much different then putting billions in a chip
  19. Hell yeah, Im also a teenager still though so like every year brings new things for me
  20. Not sure, but playing the game has an extremely complex Physics engine that the Switch probably cant handle well, the game would likely either have a completely different engine, or super shitty graphics to make up for it
  21. The game is one of the very few Ubisoft games that isnt centralized around micro transactions. In my whole time playing Steep I havent come across any need for one, not even cosmetically as everything can be unlocked by completing levels in the game. Of course theres DLCs, but they actually add more content to the game. Im sure that this is why, or the physics required to simulate the way the skis move in the snow, which the game actually replicates extremely well
  22. No, because the process each uses to make chips is entirely different. Theyd basically be 2 completely different CPUs